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A profile of an artist
Of artists I’ve spoken to, a few have told me stories of travels and years of dedication to their creative process. Morningstar is now one of these. Thirty-two states is what I believe she said she had visited. While her beginnings were humble, and her style of rhythm and blues suggests her as down to earth, Morningstar studied classical music, and opera.

Moonchild was the name of Morningstar’s first band. It was an all female group, for which Morningstar was lead singer. It was explained to me that Moonchild could not get gigs at straight clubs in New York City. Gay clubs in the city as well as in Boston and Long Island created a space for Moonchild to show their music. While Morningstar seemed to be so folksy, she told stories of seeing the beginnings of musical heroes.

One such occurrence of Morningstar witnessing the rise of a star was of MiMi Fox. Mimi was a band member of Moonchild. Now, Miss Fox is one of the most acclaimed rhythm and blues guitarists in the business.

When I approached Morningstar, I was getting ready to sit down to eat at a local soup kitchen. Morningstar was seated at the end of the room where I called her attention to ask if she was a poet. She is…but not the poet I was picturing in my mind. It was a case of mistaken identity, or a stroke of luck. Shortly, I realized where I had seen her perform, and why she seemed familiar to me.

Morningstar had played some guitar music at a political gathering where I was a featured speaker. But I’m quite certain I had seen her around before, playing music. My memory makes me want to say, “in front of Burrough’s.” Like many folks who’ve traveled, Morningstar is a street performer, which she testifies is the most interesting occurrence in her life. She says however, that she is on her way up towards affluence.

With all the years of playing music and writing songs, Morningstar made a rich contribution to our conversation, which took place at a café, after lunch. It was very interesting to engage with her, because even when she knew the interview was done, she went on. I listened intently, knowing, this was a unique encounter. Talking with Morningstar was exactly what I hope to get out of spending time with a featured artist.

Morningstar resembled grace and charm in our interview. She recited lyrics from songs. Her forty-five years of writing songs have taken her many places. From Adelphi Opera to street performer and teacher, Morningstar has endured a life spent on creativity. And has, in my eyes, reached sage like status, but maybe I’m biased. Maybe I romanticize the artist lifestyle, and artist mind.

After the interview, Morningstar and I continued talking, maybe for ten minutes or so. She listened to me tell of my writing practice. And occasionally sprinkled on her own reflections of her life as an artist. This artist embodies quite literally what I find so inspiring about creative people. All creative people should have been so lucky, as I was, to spend time with such an authentic example of a creator of art.

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