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Psycho, dillusional
Usual Day

By: EK Cloud

I sat lying on my bed as I contemplated my life and my place in the world. The dark sky outside my dingy window occasionally flash white with lightning followed by the loud groan of thunder. I focus my sight on a lonely branch scratching the window sill, ignoring the shadow in front of me. After a while the sound of rain drops falling on the roof lulls me to sleep.
The next day, it was still raining. On rare day of kindness I ask if she is hungry, she ignored me choosing to stare at the walls instead. I shrug, leaving the plate by her side. I figured she'll eat when she is hungry. To spend the day I choose to clean the bathroom since its raining why won't I clean a stubborn stain. Occasionally taking a break to feed her, not that she touches the food I leave her. I clear and change it just the same; I've read on some magazine somewhere that it's not good to leave food lying around for long. Later that night the rain has slackened off. And right the shadow is back now though, I think it is slowly taking form but still disfigured enough for me to ignore it chalking it up to my imagination. Slowly I drifted off to sleep.
Today is a sunny one. I decided to take care off the garden. I found a small bone which I thought was chicken bones. Its small like a pinky bone of a person.

After all it is just a usual day.

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