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Poem about getting high
First time I kissed you,

felt your warm embrace

lifted into the atmosphere, I

Felt my heart race


You and I became good friends

Daily, we’d entwine

Make love


How hard it was


I said goodbye

Once our tie was severed

So too went my mind

All that was

Served to trip me up

Leave me behind

But, our ties,

Even severed

Help me

To be more whole

Times being apart, now,

Allow for


For the days of old


I see you

My heart skips a beat


I found

New places in the world

Without you

I notice

Life pierces my soul

As though I am a target

Love seems to be

A dart

One more time

I might approach you

And steal a kiss


Keep the memory

Of our bliss

Maybe I shouldn’t

It seems unwise

Apart we are better

My fondness for you

Could stand

To remain in my eyes

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