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A man tried to cope with the end of the world 10 years later..
Into Oblivion

April 2122

I did it...I can't believe it..I took another mans life today...he tried to set me up. I saw it coming. I had no other choice. Right? I couldn't just let him try to kill us. She is all I have left, in this god forsaken world. The only thing that keeps me waking up every morning. Her eyes light the darkness of my days left here.

The world ended over 10 years ago. Something happened with the economy, then the government. It all just shut down one day. Everyone thought it would come back, but it never did. The president was assassinated, then the vice, so on and so on until eventually there was no one left. It didn't make sense that a little army would rise to such heights and gain more people. After that, the world stopped working. Men turned to animals, women to sex slaves, children into rare items. All fuckin crazy.

I don't know how much longer I can live like this. How long I can keep her safe. Oblivion is here and no one can escape it.

January 2112

" We have to get the fuck out Emily, now!" I yelled in a panic
" Just let me grab a few pictures. It's all that's left of memories." she said starting to cry.
" Hurry up, there isn't much time. The military is coming through and wiping everything out." I said looking out the window of the house.
Emily grabbed as much pictures as her hands could take and shoved them in her duffle bag.
" Ok. I'm ready. Where's Lacey?" she asked scared.
I called for her and no answer. I called again. No answer. I ran up to her room.
" Lacey? Where are you?" calling out.
" I'm coming daddy! I had to pee!" she yelled thought the bathroom.
" You had me scared half to death girl. Let's go." I said sternly.

Lacey came out of the bathroom. Only 3' tallwith her long curly brown hair waving. She looked just like her mother. Hard to believe she is 8 already.
We gathered downstairs and got ready to leave.

" Before we go out there we need to make sure it's clear" I said cautiously. Lacey and Emily both looked and nodded ready to go. I peeked out the window once more. Coast was clear. Now all we had to do was make it down the alley way and we were home free.

" Everyone go now" I said as I opened the door. Running for the alley way, Emily dropped her duffle bag.
" No, my pictures!" she yelled.
" Emily! Forget them, we have to go" I called out.
She hesitated, looked back and then she did what I never expected. She ran right into the street. Time seemed to slow down. A military truck was headed straight for her.
" Emily!! Look out!" I screamed running towards her.
Lacey was standing back crying " Mommy!"
BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!.....silence..I screamed as loud as I could. THUD! Her life less body slump to the cold pavement. She was dead...

February 2113

It's been over a year now. She's gone. Lacey turned 9. This world is getting worse. People dying left and right. Turning on each other in ways no man would imagine. Families killing each other to survive. Dying over a can of beans. It's pathetic. Seeing things the way they are nowi almost forgot how it used to be.

Why did they take her from me? She was harmless. She wouldn't hurt anyone. Why? Why did it have to be her? My own daughter watched her mother shot to death. Sometimes I think of killing myself and Lacey, just to end this misery. I can't. I want my daughter to live. To be happy. Get married and have children. In this world, in oblivion, how is that possible? Nothing will ever be normal again. The killings will never stop and then we will be extinct.

March 2118

It's been 6 years...where has the time gone? Has it been that long already? We have been stuck in this place forever. Sitting in a bunker now for the past 3 years. Thanks to some civilized people we were able to hold up in here. Old man Jim died a couple of months ago from cancer...Lacey and I have been alone...again...at least we have food. Actual food, not just from a can. We could easily live down here by ourselves for another 2 years with all of the supplies.

I got to bake a cake for my daughters birthday this year. It felt so good to make her happy and see her smile again. Every year she looks more and more like her mother. If it wasn't for that I think I would forget what she looked like.

For now, we wait. I'm afraid to run out of food for us. 2 years feels like 2 months when you have limited supplies. Soon I will have to take my daughter and leave this place. Go back up there into the dead world. I always wonder what it looks like now since I haven't seen it in 3 years. All I can hope is that my daughter and I can find safety and live through another night.

March 2120

2 more years gone. This is it. Time to leave. All the supplies ran out yesterday. I tried holding out another few days but I can't let her starve. I don't want to leave. Is it safe? Total silence this whole time. It makes me wonder what's left...

When I opened the bunker to step outside it was the brightest day of my life. The sun burned my skin and my eyes went white. I quickly sheilded myself from it. I made Lacey stay behind me so the same wouldn't happen to her. I put my foot on the gravel and hoisted myself up, then Lacey. I gazed around to see nothing but snow. Trees, grass, weeds at least 10' tall, all covered in snow. Cars were smashed and plowed into buildings and trees. Something you would have seen in a movie. It was all real.

Lacey grabbed onto my arm tightly. Afraid to walk further. I assured her everything would be fine. I decided we needed to find some supplies. She hadn't eaten since yesterday morning. I could hold out but Lacey needed food. We walked forward and into the white abyss. I saw nothing for miles until we came across an old beaten up market. Surely there could be food in there.

Carefully, we stepped inside. The entire place was trashed. Shelves on the floor, scattered like pick up sticks. The walls were badly burned. Must of been torched awhile back. Snow showered in through the windows. I searched up and down that place. Looking for anything. When all hope seemed lost, I found a single can. Fruit. That would be good enough for now. I gave it to Lacey.
" Here, eat this." I said handing the can to her. She looked at it and pulled back the tab on it. Mixed fruits.
" Have some daddy.." she said softly.
" It's ok hunky, you eat it. You need your strength." I said looking away.
" So do you." she said.
Lacey handed me some fruit. I reluctantly ate it. Swallowing hard. I started crying. I didn't want Lacey to see so I covered it up.

May 2122

Last month was hard for me. 10 years my wife has been dead. All I see in Lacey is Emily. 18 now...where the hell did the time go? I never got to teach my kid how to ride a bike, walk to school with her, watch her play with other kids her own age...all this is gone. It will never be the same. I am beginning to think we are the only two left. I haven't seen a human being since we were in the bunker.

No military, no lost survivors, no police, no firemen...nothing. Dead and lost. Summer is arou d the corner and there is no beach to enjoy. Gone. Where can we go now? Is it worth traveling again? Besides supplies what else would be the point?

June 2122

I decided Lacey and I would move on. Try to find another place to live our lives. Maybe a house, if there was one left. Or a small apartment. Who knows.

We waited until nightfall to move. I don't know why I chose it but that was it. It was a cool summer night. A nice breeze blew through and it felt good to feel the wind on our faces. After a few hours of walking we found a potential place.


Lacey followed behind her dad closely. She was afraid of everything. Never knowing if something or someone would pop out. Her dad taught her how to defend herself in a tough situation. They climbed the steps of a old Victorian style house. It seemed almost unharmed by the world these past 10 years. Almost as of there was a shield around it. Her father opened the door and they walked in cautiously.

Inside were huge paintings of wars, horses, old history pieces and more covering the walls. A huge golden chandelier hung from the ceiling. To the left was a giant library and to the right was what looked like an office. In the middle was a massive staircase that led to a second floor. Red carpet lay over the stairs.

" It's beautiful." Lacey said in awe.
" Sure is hinny." said her father.
" Let's go upstairs and see what the rest of the place looks like."
" Ok daddy." Lacey agreed.

Walking up the staircase felt like a mountain. Reaching the top they heard creaking. Her father darted his head towards the noise. He motioned for Lacey to stay quiet and not to move. She stayed put. Her father carefully walked towards the next room. A figure appeared from behind Lacey.

" Lacey, look out!" her father screamed.
Lacey turned around to see a man coming towards her. He had a knife in his hands. She tried to scream and the man grabbed her.
" Let her go you fucking bastard!" her father yelled. He inched closer to him.
" Make another move and I slit this bitches throat." he said, gripping the knife tighter.
" Look, we don't have anything. Ok? We just need a place to stay." Lacey's father said more calmly.
" I don't give a fuck, this is my place. Youre trespassing, and I don't like trespassers." now placing the knife closer to Lacey's throat.
" Alright, we will leave. Let my daughter go and we will leave. Please." her father said.
" Fuck you man, I'll kill this bitch and then you. You got shit I need, I know it!" the man yelled.
Lacey's father walked closer. The man threatened again.
" It's ok, we are leaving. Let her go." her father said. Now lunging toward the man, Lacey bit his hand and broke free. The man yelped and saw Lacey's father come at him. SHINK!

The knife pierced Lacey's father. His shirt turned red around his gut. Blood spilling. He grabbed at his wound and looked at his hands. He slumped over and fell to his side.
" Daddy?!?" Lacey cried.
The man ran and never came back. Leaving the bloody knife behind.
" Lacey...please...find someone to...take care of you..people who care." he said struggling to breath. Tears filled Lacey's eyes. Streams skimming down her face and dropping to her fathers.
" Daddy, no! This can't be happening! Please daddy, get up!" she cried and cried. Her father was getting colder and started shivering. More blood piled under his body now. A puddle was forming.
" ..I love you hunny..please...be safe...I..love you.." he struggled to say.
" I love you too daddy...I love you too" crying she held his hand tightly. Then...loose. The last breath of her father came. She sat there with his still frozen body sobbing.

He was gone....into oblivion...

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