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Third Jane Austen Newsletter.
Jane Austen Newsletter 3
By: Megan Rose
Editor: Princess Megan Rose 21 WDC

Picture of the new Jane Austen wax mannequin at The Jane Austen Center.

Hello everyone! Welcome to another Jane Austen Newsletter. So, notice the picture? This is a wax mannequin of Jane Austen at the Jane Austen Center in Bath, England. It was two years in the making. It was sculptured by Mark Richards. Jane's sister Cassandra painted pictures of Jane Austen and some talented artists use the pictures to construct the mannequin. It is nice but I would think that she would be dressed like she was going to then ball. The bonnet reminds me of "Little House On The Prairie." The facial features are pretty and a lot of work went into this. I had to share it. I like the mannequin.

Any "Jeopardy" fans out there? Every week, there are questions about Jane Austen. Contestants don't know the answer and I am like seriously, how can they not know Jane Austen? I always get these questions right.

Have you been reading "Jane Austen" novels lately? I admit, I know "Pride and Prejudice" and "Emma" the best. These are my favorites. I need to reread the other ones. I have a Jane Austen Journal and I should use this to write notes about her novels.

Did you know that Pride and Prejudice" was originally titled "First Impressions?" Darcy's first impression of Elizabeth and her first impression of him, it wasn't love at first sight. There would be no romance books if the beginning of a romance book was love, flowers and butterflies. It would be like boring. We all love a romance book with some drama. Love wins out in the end.

A question and challenge:
Jane Austen's original title for the novel was "First Impressions." What roles do first impressions play in "Pride and Prejudice" I wrote an entry about this.
"Pride and Prejudice Or First Impressions?
I would love to hear your views about this. If you write about this, I will give you a Merit Badge. Write about it here:

Jane Austen Meeting Place  (ASR)
A place to meet other members and write about what you love about Jane Austen.
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Last month, ♥HOOves♥ , my Dear Friend and JA Member stepped up to last month's challenge and received a Romance Merit Badge.

I was thinking of other English actors who could have played Mr. Darcy. Here is who I came up: Timothy Dalton. He played Heathcliff in "Wuthering Heights", Rhett Butler in "Scarlet", sequel to: "Gone With The Wind." He also played James Bond.

Pierce Bronson. He played James Bond and in "Remington Steel."

Charles Shaughnessy. He played in "Days Of Our Lives" and "The Nanny."

Clive Robertson. He played a sexy Englishman Ben Evans in the soap opera "Sunset Beach."

On another cheery note, my mother and I designed a 1800's and 1900's Fashions Book type Scrapbook. We bought paper of women wearing 1800's and 1900's fashions. We included a Jane Austen notecard, with Jane Austen pictures, tea cup brads, hats pictures from the last two centuries, flowers and the album trimmed it in gold lace. My mother and I won Reserve Champion. I am alright with this.

This is all I have for this month. Feel free to send me comments about this newsletter or anything about Jane Austen. Just stop by and say "Hi." See you next month. Love: Megan

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