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He left her mother before she was born. She didn't meet him until she was ten and even then, the encounter was fleeting and unpleasant. He resurfaced when she was sixteen and he actually became a small part of her life. While falling short of being parent of the year, he did make some time for her. They got together a couple of times a month, typically for a Sunday lunch. Just as her 18th birthday approached, he moved without warning.
Now that Tonya was approaching thirty, she had little desire to reconnect with him. Somehow word had reached him that she was engaged and now, just like that, he wanted to be part of the wedding. She was absolutely not going to allow that to happen, but agreed to invite him. He was furious, though, that her step-father would be walking her down the aisle.
At first, it seemed comical. The man, who had spent less than 100 hours with her, was upset that the man who had raised her since shortly after her sixth birthday was going to play a more significant role in her wedding. The comical aspect quickly faded. The mild pleading quickly escalated to cursing. After a talk with her fianc Tonya informed her father that he was no longer welcome in any capacity.
Now, less than 48 hours from her big moment, he was on the phone crying and pleading just to attend. It was hard to hear him as there was a lot of background noise on his end and he seemed to be quite drunk. Fine, she relented, if he promised to be on his best behavior, "I'll give you one more chance." Just then, she heard wheels screeching, glass breaking and metal twisting as the line went dead.

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