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Just a few paragraphs. An idea if you will.
The smell of gunpowder and blood swirl around the saloon. I stare at the mountain of a man standing in front of me a smug little grin playing on his lips. Slowly he takes a drink from the beer I had given to the man who is now bleeding out on the floor. The entire room has grown silent as they watch the man take his time finishing the beer. Looking around I see a Tucker slowly creeping forward the silver muzzle of a Colt .45 peeking from below his warn coat. As he draws his gun the man in front of me smiles coldly and reaches for the Schofield that had taken the life of the man on the floor. Spinning on a heel the man levels his gun at Tucker's head just as Tucker levels the Colt to his.

"Put it down boy or this won't end well for yah!", the man warns.

Tucker smiles and replies simply, "Or it may not end well for you. Get out of this saloon before things get real ugly."

"I ain't gonna go nowhere boy." I hear him say as I reach for my own Colt .45 hidden under the bar.

"It wasn't a suggestion." Tucker growls.

The man smiles as a crack like thunder fills the room and gunpowder begins to sting my eyes. I hear another sickening thud as Tucker's body hits the floor. I watch the man as he grabs Tucker's gun and turns it in his hand. I slip my gun into the folds of my dress and walk from behind the bar. The man turns and looks at me a wide smile playing on his lips. I smile back at him and run my hand down his arm teasingly. His eyes scan my body lingering on the curve of my breasts.

"Well hello there darlin'." He says.

I wink at him and turn slowly making my way to the staircase trailing my fingertips on the railing as I go up. I turn to make sure he is following me and smile as he starts up the stairs. I lift my dress a little to show him my leg, he smiles and starts to come a little faster. I make my way to one of the empty bedrooms and sit on the bed with my hand folded over the gun still concealed inside the folds of my dress. The man walks in and closes the door smiling at me.

"Come'er darlin' don't jus tease me like tha an walk off," he says gruffly as he starts forward.

"Me tease yah? Hahah no!" I laugh carelessly and stand to meet him.

The man grabs my waist and pulls me close pushing his lips on mine. Slowly as not to alert him, I pull the gun from my dress and shove it into his gut. He brakes away instantly pulling me forward by my hair almost fast enough to get the gun away, almost. The gun cracks and I see pain in his eyes as he lets go of my hair and staggers back. He looks down at his stomach and cringes as he sees the blood pouring out. He drops to his knees and falls face first onto the floor. I watch as his body racks with spasms and blood pools around him. I nudge his head with my foot as the last spasm passes and see the light of life leave his eyes. Smoothing my dress I walk from the room. As I make my way downstairs gun still in hand I look at the people still in the saloon gathering around the two bodies of our former citizens. I kneel in front of Tucker and feel the tears rising to my eyes as I twist the small gold band on my finger. Barely 22 and already burying a husband and father of an unborn child.
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