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by Igarin
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Reality Television
Last night on “America’s Got Talent” the last group of five performers to move onto the semifinals were selected based on America’s vote.  The results were not surprising keeping in mind how they all performed on Wednesday, nevertheless, disappointment reign for those sent home. 

The first group called forward were Emil & Dariel, Dom The Bom’s Triple Threat, and Extreme, and the suspense lingered because one of these acts had mesmerized the night before with their originality and outstanding performance, and the act moving forward is Emil & Dariel; fascinating, and without question this act has earned its spot in the semifinals.

The next acts to be called forward were Bad Boys Of Ballet and Jonah Smith, and one act was entertaining and showing that there is room for innovation and growth, while the other lacked that wow factor so much needed for an act to headline a show.  And Jonah Smith was the name announced, outstanding, he had some nerves on Wednesday night, but still managed to perform and show everyone that he is one to be watched as a possible winner of the grand prize.

The next group to be asked to move forward were Quintavious Johnson and Mothmen Dance, was there any doubt of which act would move forward? Doubtful.  Qunitavious Johnson is an outstanding performer with a vocal prowess that is uncanny for a 12 year old and a stage presence that some older performers must work hard to achieve. 

Next up were Jonatan Requelme and Smoothini, one act was impressive for a while, however, to make a 90-minute show and keep an audience entertained for that long: unlikely.  The other had mesmerized everyone watching during audition and was expected to be outstanding as he was looking for a spot in the semifinals and on Wednesday night, his act was on the verge of boring and as though he had already done his best.  But one moved forward and this was Smoothini, who recognized that he must bring next time and not be so careful next time. 

One spot remained and three acts awaited their fate, One Voice Children’s Choir, Kelli Glover, and Mina Burri; one act again did not show as having room for innovation and ability to hold an audience’s attention for an entire show, another was entertaining however, not much wow factor, and the other although with a big voice, on Wednesday night nerves seemed to take a hold of her, and her performance was not as impressive as all expected.  The first to be sent home was Mina Burri, and then it was up to the judges to decide, and though there was much praise for both only one could move forward and this was Kelli Glover. 

The semifinals will begin next week and the acts are all unique and fascinating, thrills and chills are in store for those who turn to watch the show, but the unfortunate part remains that there are many favorites who will be eliminated and that will be disappointing.  Recaps, episodes and contestants information can be found online at www.nbc.com/agt

“America’s Got Talent” runs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. and results are announced on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT on NBC.


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