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Just doing some preliminary writing just to get some feedback
When the world seemed dark there wasn't much hope. Until the moment I realized things were only dark because I had made them that way. The darkness was my own. Once I realized I'd created it. I had discovered a way to overcome it. Things weren't as bleak as they seemed. There were good bright things happening all the time. Was I so selfish to think that bad things only happened to me? Overcoming the fears that I faced. Staring them down. That was terrifying. I could only hope that someday I would rid myself of the darkness permanently.

I sat waiting for the answers to my questions. Living in darkness is like living in a bubble that no one sees. You can interact with the people around you while they don't know how you feel. That's the darkness that I felt. Now I had to figure out how to rise above it.

I failed to see the joy in life because I felt no happiness for myself. I didn't like who I was nor did I perceive that anyone else did either. That was my problem. Could there be a way to love myself? After all that has transpired?

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