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Dream Contest Entry
My Dream

I dreamt once that my family and I had been through a catastrophic tornado. We were all hiding in the rubble of a destroyed building. The tornado could be seen in the distance. Myself and the others that were with me had been searching for my mother. My husband ran to go get her. She hadn't been gone long but another round of tornadoes was eminent. I was overwhelmed with anxiety. I sat on what was left of a building foundation and waited. The sirens began to wail again signaling another tornado nearby. So the group of us rushed together under the overhang of another building remnant. Then I could hear voices calling in the distance. “We got it!” someone shouted. Another voice could be heard, “I can't believe it!” The shouting continued and I recognized the voices now. My husband and my mom had returned! Just in time too because the sky began to darken. When they came to us I replied. “What did you find that you had to go get!?” I was puzzled. “ICED COFFEE!” Of course in a national disaster my family would be the only ones out looking for a McDonald's restaurant to get iced coffee.
After that the storm began to weaken. And we emerged from our hide-out. I don't know if it was the discovery of the iced coffee that stopped that storm but whatever it was I was thankful that the storm had ended.


S.D. Teller
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