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A poem I wrote to get creative.
Octavio The Clockwork Man.

There once lived a man made of brass and gears.
He lived among people for years, and years.
All the while, no one knew.
A secret that only he knew to be true.
He dressed in clothes of the Victorian time.
If he was discovered it would be a crime.
Partaking in the goings-on of his friends.
Following along with the popular trends.
He had brass and steam where his heart should be.
Never staying long enough to have tea.
He'd make an excuse and leave in a hurry.
Soon the man began to worry.
A woman had taken interest in him.
So one day she followed him on a whim.
To his home where he removed his clothes.
Through the window she could see him, exposed!
With a scream and a shout the woman took off in a huff.
The man now in fear had been seen in the buff.
Now he is known by his claim to fame,
Octavio the clockwork man, is his name.

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