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Humorous update from a dog's point of view.
Dear Mom,

A lot has happened since you left the Shelter. I got adopted! My humans are far from perfect but I think I can train them. They have a Boxer named Rocky -if that tells you anything.

My humom will never take your place Mom, but she is like you in so many ways: she washes my face every day, she likes to snuggle, and she liked annoying Wanda next door at first but then she decided to pick the less yappy one… Me!

My humom has this giant that does all the cooking and TV watching. My mouth is going to start watering if I try to explain what he feeds me, just know that he is way less scary when I smell steak. After we fill our bellies he lets me stretch out on the sofa for a nap. It’s perfect until Rocky lets one rip and I think you know how bad that smells.

There is a teenager here who takes me on rides in the car. I ride Shotgun all the way to Sonic and back home. She likes to dress me in sweaters when it’s cold outside. However, she has a serious problem that I am trying to help her overcome, but it may require professional help. She has this annoying green squeaky toy that she just cannot hang on to. It goes flying across the room. I go get it and bring it back to her and dang it if it doesn’t happen again. And again. I get so tuckered out that I have to take it away from her and hide the darn toy. Poor thing.

Mom you would be in heaven here; sit down before I tell you the best doggone part- there are two CATS! The really big male cat is named Spooky and they sure named him right. Halo is the female cat, but she’s no angel. I have to wiggle just thinking about chasing them; it is my favorite game in the world. I can tell they absolutely adore me.

Gotta run, I hear the car pulling in the garage, time for me to bark!

Miss you!


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