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Featured in WDC's "Parade of Poets" April 6, 2019.
Somewhere the sun shines warm above the soft and gentle breeze,
The landscape is so beautiful it brings the thankful to their knees,
The mountain forest air on high is as fresh as fruit and cream,
But here the dust clouds grind until every pore does scream.

While sailing south the sea reflects the tranquil turquoise sky,
The touch of a lover's kiss inebriates me 'til I sigh,
Chocolate dipped strawberries roll my eyes inside my head,
Being attacked by these dust clouds make me wish I were dead.

In the Emerald City I discovered the tangible meaning of life,
In Hoosierland I romanced and won the hand of my fair wife,
The Sunshine State is where I built my home, brick by brick,
Here these sandstone clouds of dust tear me down to the quick.

I miss my deceased mother's pleasant reassuring voice,
Knowing she's in God's heavenly choir is the reason I rejoice,
My father's steadfast soul's at peace no matter where he dwells,
But these horrid clouds of dust blow out of the evil depths of hell.

Do birds still sing sweetly when the rains have cleared away?
Does moss soak in waterfalls while rainbows dance in the spray?
Where can I find some respite or a single moments reprieve?
Escape from these torturous clouds I can't easily conceive.

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