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by jets0n
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I don't know what to call this. I just wrote what came into my head.
Tears of Babylon

Oh, where art there, my flowers?

My trees?


The sweet smell of nectar,


Replaced by the smell of blood, death,

Fire and smoke.

It was the same in olden times.

Beauty turned to ashes,

Yet, ashes gave way to beauty once more.

Then beauty to ashes.

When will it stop?

When will they leave my garden alone?

Times time times time ten?

Please, I beg of you,

Leave me one blade of grass,

And a flower seed.

I will spring up again one day

When all is done and calm comes.

A flower will grow,

The bees will return,
And I, will return with all my beauty and splendor.

Oh sing your song Ole Death.

For your song has an end.

You will sing it but once more.

The smoke will clear,

And all will see,

your song is just a farce.

There will be Death no more.

My gardens will last for times time times

And that is sure.

I will stop crying and weep no more.

Stan Jett

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