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"...I’m wandering in darkness searching desperately for light..."
Honesty betrays me,   
It caves in to my fears

It runs and hides from all my ghosts
Of  long ago so many years.

Courage still alludes me,
And robs me of my sight.

I’m wandering in darkness
Searching desperately for light.

I don’t know how I got here,
But I’ve fallen down again,

Tried and tempted until once more,
I gave in to my sins.

And I start to shake and shutter,
At the demons of my past,

Who have appeared yet once more,
And tell me I won’t last.

And I listen to their empty words,
And they cut deep,

These monsters they surround,
And threaten me.

Then one thought comes and hits me,
And calms my very soul.

It rests my weary, troubled mind,
And even makes me bold...   

“If Jesus truly came to save me,
And I’ve found a friend in Him,

Why do I ever fear the monsters,
That I know will never win?”
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