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"...To the rhythm found in all creation, the shadows play but step in time..."
Shadows are but dancing lights,
Cast by a westward setting sun.
Hear the Heavens’ gentle sigh,
The shadow dance has just begun.

Hear it now oh nature's resonance,
The loudest song in whisper tones.
Sweet reminder that God is near,
In the voices of the trees and stones.

To the rhythm found in all creation,
The shadows play but step in time.
And syncing to the song and dance,
Is this impassioned heart of mine.

As nature leads, in gentle steps,
I find myself with her at one,
We sway and spin as colors fade,
Until the moon repels the sun.

Under stars that twinkle bright,
I find my dreams and heart.
They cling to You and all You are,
Begging us to never part.

With just the grass on which to rest,
I find the night songs lullaby.
And singing me to sleep I hear,
The Heavens’ song, a lone wolfs cry. 
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