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If you choose to live in the dark, cold shadows... they may infect you.
Breathe in, and chill the soul,
Behold the deep cold that freezes hearts.
It seeps to one’s core,
Never to be melted away.
It creates an ache in the spirit,
You wish to rid yourself of the pain.
But you know, it’s the pain that drives you.
So cold and alone are you,
You distance yourself from those who might care
And choose to live in eerie shadows.
The night is your day.
The rise of the moon your dawn.
You crawl out still clothed in darkness,
You can now blend with the black of night
And roam the streets unnoticed.
Where has your humanity gone?
You dare not look for it.
For if you find it you may lose all...
The swiftness and cunning acquired over years,
The strength and independence,
The character you’ve gained.
You may indeed lose yourself,
You may lose the black of night
That is in you.
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