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My Christmas shopping experience inspired a bit of poetry...(Dec.2009)
So few are the joys of this holidays season,
When we rush to and fro with no rhyme or reason.
We enjoy now so little the Christmas time pleasures,
And groan at the thought of going out in such weather.

The complaining and yelling of all weary shoppers,
Is so very unnerving and hardly seems proper.
People push through the malls through stores they now shove,
But what happened to peace and good-will from above?

No one says Merry Christmas for fear of insulting,
Yet the selling of trees and of bells isn’t halting.
And the family with manger scene just out their door,
Has stolen my parking place outside this store.
So I walk from the very last space in the lot,
As I sip at my coffee which is no longer hot.
Then up at the entrance I see something so grand,
A red bucket helper with a bell in his hand.

He waves and he smiles at all who go past,
And I realize that now I’ve found hope at last.
In the many who stop here to give unto those,
Who can’t go out shopping for toys, food or clothes.

In the helpers who stand here and jingle their bells,
Who are so unselfish that they give of themselves.
And I smile and sigh and I step up to give too,
“The spirit of Christmas is alive within you”.

So that's my story, a short little write,
Merry Christmas dear readers, and to all a good night!
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