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Rated: 18+ · Assignment · Fantasy · #2016113
Another interpretation of commonly known biblical stories. It is not meant to contradict.
Lucifer and his brothers; Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael stood in the Garden of Eden watching their father interact with Adam and Lilith. Their father spent a lot of time in the garden after he placed Adam and Lilith there. The first man and woman were once again having an argument, and it was up to their father to solve the problem. Lucifer listened to the conversation his brothers were dutifully ignoring.

“He just wants me to do as he says!” Lilith snapped. “Just because he has dominion over the animals does not mean he has dominion over me!”

“I understand Lilith,” Jehovah said calmly. This was the same argument he mediated almost every day. “Adam, you know that you and Lilith were created in my image at the same time. You were both created from the dust of the ground, and I breathed the breath of life into both of you.”

“But you brought me to life first,” Adam asserted, “and you gave me dominion over all living things.”

“I gave you dominion over the animals,” Jehovah corrected. “Lilith is not an animal she is a human like you.”

“Oh, just forget it!” Lilith exclaimed in exasperation. “He is so stubborn!”

She turned from both of them, and stalked away. Adam moved to go after her, but Jehovah stopped him. After a few words of reason Adam stalked off in the opposite direction. Jehovah returned to his angelic sons. He noticed right away that Lucifer was missing.

“Michael,” Jehovah addressed the second oldest of the four.

“Yes, father,” Michael took a knee before him.

“Rise,” Jehovah commanded. “Where is Lucifer?”

“He flew off after Lilith,” Michael stated. “Do you want me to go after him?”

“No,” Jehovah shook his head sadly. “Things have been set in motion the must be.”

“But, father,” Michael began, and then stopped, remembering to whom he spoke, “as you wish.”

Lucifer found Lilith in the center of the garden sobbing beneath the tree of knowledge. He folded his wings, and sat beside her. She turned and rested her head on his shoulder, and continued to cry. Lucifer ran his fingers through her long, dark, silky hair, occasionally grazing the smooth dark flesh of her shoulder. She looked up at him through teary eyes.

“I hate him,” Lilith choked.

“No you don’t,” Lucifer pulled her close. He hated Adam for many reasons, but Lilith couldn’t hate. She did not know what hate was. She must be picking up on my feelings toward her mate. “Neither you nor Adam have the ability to hate.”

“Then why do I fight with him so much?” Lilith demanded. “We seem to be fighting ever since we took our first breaths. I want to name an animal something, and he disagrees. He won’t let me make any decisions.”

“I know,” Lucifer pulled her against him. “It’s the way he is made.”

“What should I do?” Lilith looked up at him.

“You should let him have his way,” Lucifer stated. He smiled when she narrowed her eyes in disapproval. “Alright, that is not an option. If you want his respect you must prove that you are superior to him.”

“How do I do that?” Lilith inquired.

“Allow me to open your eyes.”

Lucifer pressed his mouth to Lilith’s. As their tongues entwined he unfolded his wings, and wrapped them around her as he pulled her into his lap. Lilith pulled her mouth away from his when she felt something hot and hard slide inside her.

“We cannot,” she gasped. “My mate…”

“… is nowhere near,” Lucifer assured her. He attempted to distract her with soft kisses on her neck, and hands sliding over her sensitive flesh.

“Je-ho-vah,” she gasped as she wriggled on him.

“Cannot see us.”

Lilith seemed to be comforted by that thought. She moved on him with purpose as he continued to pleasure her. He muffled her exclamations of pleasure with his mouth as she tightened around him. Her eyes opened as he released inside her, and she saw him for the first time. His dark hair and eyes were a beautiful sight. The golden feathers of his wings enticed her to touch. She reached out and touched the smooth down feathers that would make a goose jealous. Her other hand fisted in the smooth dark locks of his hair as she stared into his grey eyes.

“Again!” Lilith breathed.

“I cannot my sweet.” Lucifer lifted her off of him. “Father is calling.”

“But I want more,” Lilith whined as he set her on the ground. “Please?”

“Later.” Lucifer took her face in his hands, and pressed a soft kiss to her mouth. “I will return for you.”

Lilith watched with her freshly opened eyes as he spread his beautiful golden wings, and sored toward heaven. She turned when she heard something approach, and saw Adam. He held a grouping of white flowers in his hands. She marveled at how beautifully white they were. Her eyes moved up Adam’s body to his face. He was nowhere near as beautiful as Lucifer. His hair and beard were long and tangled. His skin was a flat brown color, which lacked the angel’s golden shimmer. His eyes were a dull passionless brown. She wanted to look away in disgust, but she knew that would give her away. Instead she moved to him, and took the flowers he offered her.

“I smelled them, and they made me think of you,” he stated. “The petals are soft like your skin.”

“Thank you.”

Lilith held the blooms to her face, and inhaled their sweet smell. The petals caressed her face, and made her think of Lucifer’s hands. She looked up when Adam’s rough hands gripped her shoulders. She let out a strangled cry when his mouth roughly crushed hers. She tried not to fight when he brought her to the ground, and inserted himself between her legs. “Adam, please, not so rough.”


Adam groaned as he slid inside her warmth. He moved slowly at first, but his instincts kicked in, and he was pounding into her before he could stop himself. Her thighs tightened around him, but he kept going until he achieved his release. He pulled out of her, and left to find a place to clean himself off. Lilith lay stunned staring up at the sky.

Lucifer stood in front of Jehovah’s throne. His brothers stood behind him. Jehovah sat in his throne, and glared down at his angelic son. Lucifer stared up at his father.

“Where were you?” Jehovah asked.

“I was consoling Lilith,” Lucifer admitted.

“You are not to be involved with them,” Jehovah scolded. “I have told you this, and yet you defy me.”

“She was very upset,” Lucifer argued.

“I know that,” Jehovah shook his head. “You meant well, but Adam is her mate.”

“He is cruel to her!” Lucifer argued. “How can you allow that?”

“He is young,” Jehovah countered. “He will learn.”

“Before or after he kills her?” Lucifer challenged.

“Enough!” Jehovah rose to his feet. “They eat of the tree of life! I will not have my creations questioned by you!”

“As you wish, father,” Lucifer’s wings ruffled irritably.

“You are not to go near that woman again,” Jehovah decreed.

Lucifer turned on his heel, and left the throne room. He stood at the abyss that led down to earth. A hand gripped his wrist, and he looked into Raphael’s brown eyes. His brother’s dark hair and olive skin matched those of the humans his father would place on the earth someday. Raphael was the only one of his brothers Lucifer could stand. Michael and Gabriel were too much like their father.

“You are going to her,” Raphael stated.

“Are you going to tell father?” Lucifer inquired.

“He already knows,” Raphael reminded him.

“Then why does he not stop me?” Lucifer inquired petulantly.

“He wants you to do the right thing on your own,” Raphael stated.

“Maybe what he thinks is the right thing is not right for everyone,” Lucifer challenged.

“Please brother,” Raphael pleaded, “do not challenge father. It will only end badly for you.”

Lucifer shook his head, and dove into the abyss. He spread his golden wings, and made his descent to Earth. He landed on the outskirts of Eden where Lilith stood waiting for him. He enfolded her in his arms, and enfolded them both in his wings. He lifted her onto him, and brought them both to multiple moments of ecstasy before allowing his legs to give way. He fell to the ground with her sprawled over him. They spent the night together, and awoke with the sunrise. Lucifer unfolded his wings as Lilith sat up. She stared down at him, and noticed a discoloration on his wing tips. She reached out and touched them. They were still soft and silky, but they were black.

“What is it?” Lucifer asked when he saw the concern in her eyes.

“Your feathers are turning black,” Lilith stated.

Lucifer looked at the obsidian feathers, and smiled. If the color of his wings changing was his punishment he was certainly happy to have it. He folded his wings as he rolled onto his side. Lilith lay beside him staring at his beautiful face. She reached up and caressed his cheek, ears, lips, nose, chin, and forehead.

“You are so beautiful,” she breathed. “Why would you want such a plain creature like me?”

“Is that what Adam tells you?” Lucifer asked. “That you are plain?”

“He does not tell me anything,” Lilith snapped. “He mates with me, and then leaves me.”

“He is young,” Lucifer parroted Jehovah’s words. “He will learn.”

“We are the same age,” Lilith argued. “He knows I am not happy, and he does not care.”

“You know you are not happy,” Lucifer corrected her. “He is still blind to unhappiness.”

“How do I show him?” Lilith asked.

“The tree,” Lucifer told her. “One bite of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, and he will know how unhappy you are.”

“He will not disobey Jehovah,” Lilith mumbled. “Not for me.”

“So, trick him,” Lucifer suggested. “Give him the fruit, but do not tell him where it came from.”

“You want me to deceive my mate?” Lilith inquired.

“You are already deceiving him,” Lucifer pulled her against him, “every time you are with me. Do you think of me when you are with him?”

“Yes,” Lilith felt him stiffen against her stomach. “I miss you when you are gone.”

“I miss you too.”

Lucifer positioned them so that she was on her hands and knees, and he knelt behind her. He straightened on his knees, and slid inside her. His wings spread forming curtains on either side of them. He watched as the blackness spread over the inside of his feathers as he moved inside her. His hands cupped her breasts, and he bore down on her as she clenched around him. She cried out as his hot release filled her.

After Lucifer left, Lilith waited for Adam in the center of the garden. He entered the center looking as plain and boring as always, plucked a piece of fruit from the tree of life, and handed it to her. Lilith took it, and bit into it. She handed him the piece she held. Adam raised the fruit to his mouth, and was about to bite into it when the sound of Jehovah’s voice rumbled through the garden.

“Adam!” Jehovah called.

“I am here!” Adam called back.

Jehovah appeared in the center of the garden, and snatched the fruit Adam held. He turned to Lilith, and held the fruit out to her.

“From which tree did you pluck this fruit?” Jehovah inquired.

“The tree of life,” Lilith lied.

“You lie!” Jehovah announced. “It is one thing to deceive your mate, but to deceive me?! What makes you so bold?”

Lilith averted her eyes from Jehovah’s face. She stepped back when he advanced on her. He shoved the fruit into her hands.

“Eat!” He ordered.

“I already ate of the tree of life today,” Lilith stammered.

“Father what is happening?” Adam demanded.

“She tried to deceive you,” Jehovah explained. “The fruit she gave you is from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The tree I told you not to eat from. Did you eat from this tree Lilith?”

“No,” Lilith answered.

“Then how would you know how to be so deceptive?” Jehovah inquired. “Who gave you the idea to give Adam the fruit?”

Lilith clamped her mouth shut. She would not betray Lucifer.

“Lucifer!” Jehovah called.

Lucifer landed beside Lilith. His wings were folded to hide the blackened feathers. Jehovah took the fruit from Lilith, and handed it to Lucifer. He took it, and turned it in his hands.

“There are no bite marks,” he stated.

“Lilith tried to feed that to Adam,” Jehovah explained. “She did not tell him it was from the tree of knowledge. She also claims that she did not eat from the tree of knowledge, so that leaves me to wonder where she got that idea from?”

“I told her to do it,” Lucifer admitted. “I thought it might help Adam appreciate her more if he could see how lovely she is.”

Jehovah slapped Lucifer, leaving a hand shaped sear on his face. Lilith gasped, and laid her hand on the mark. Jehovah nodded as she confirmed what he already knew.

“You mated with her,” Jehovah accused. “She received the knowledge of good and evil from you.”

“He must have forced her,” Adam tried to defend her.

“No,” Jehovah shook his head. “She mated with him willingly, and she loves him.”

“What did you expect after the way you treated me?!” Lilith exclaimed. Her accusation was directed at both of them. “You abused and humiliated me Adam! And you allowed it father!”

“I do not interfere in your lives,” Jehovah stated. “I did not interfere when you had your dalliance with Lucifer. I let you carry on until you put your mate at risk of defying me. The difference here is that you knowingly and willingly defied me. Then you tried to trick him into defying me just so that you would not be alone in your deviance. Well, you will be alone Lilith. I cast you out of the Garden of Eden.”

Lilith felt herself being lifted by an invisible force. Her body floated for a while, and then was set down in the middle of a field. She could not see any sign of the garden, Lucifer, or Jehovah. Lilith dropped to her knees, and wept. Her weeping was so loud that it could be heard from the heavens, where Jehovah stood ready to pass sentence on his renegade angel.

“You deliberately defied me again,” Jehovah stated. “And you drew Lilith into your disobedience. I should cast you out of my kingdom for that.”

“Father, please,” Raphael pleaded. He moved between their father and his oldest brother. “Ban him from the garden, but not from his home.”

“Your brother is pleading for forgiveness on your behalf Lucifer,” Jehovah acknowledged.

“I will not plead,” Lucifer stated. “Punish me as you see fit.”

“You arrogant fool!” Michael struck Lucifer in the back of his knee bringing him to a kneeling position. “Remember to whom you speak!”

“Enough,” Jehovah raised his hand to halt Michael in mid swing of his sword. “You will not cause him physical harm unless I allow it.”

“My apologies, father,” Michael sheathed his sword, and stepped back.

“I will not ban you from Heaven or Earth, Lucifer,” Jehovah stated. “But you are banished from the Garden of Eden. You will have no more interaction with mortals, unless I allow it.”

“Father,” Raphael interjected. “Lilith is with child, and it is not Adam’s.”

“I was just getting to that,” Jehovah informed his son patiently.

“My apologies, father,” Raphael backed up with Michael.

Gabriel was the only one who seemed to know his place. He would not speak unless spoken to, and he certainly did not speak to mortals unless Jehovah specifically bade him to do so. He stood silently observing as Jehovah past his judgment on their arrant brother.

“Lilith and her child are now your responsibility Lucifer,” Jehovah stated. “You will be held accountable for their missteps, and you will be credited with their accomplishments. You will be responsible for guiding them back to me, and if you do not you will be responsible for their souls when they die.”

“Die?” Lucifer inquired.

“Yes, since they cannot enter the garden they cannot eat from the tree of life,” Jehovah explained. “Their lives are now finite.”

“How long do they have?” Lucifer inquired.

“As long as I decide to give them,” Jehovah answered turning his back on his sons. “You better get started.”

Lucifer left his father’s palace, and descended to where Lilith lay sobbing. He landed beside her, and enfolded her in his arms.

“Do not worry my sweet,” he murmured softly in her ear. “I will take care of you.”

After Lilith was removed from the garden Adam fell into a deep sleep. While he slept Jehovah removed a rib from Adam, and made a second made for him. When Adam awoke Jehovah presented him with his new mate. As Jehovah hoped the fact that Eave was made from Adam’s rib made him desire her, and because she was part of him she desired to be with him.

Jehovah placed Michael at the gates that led into the Garden of Eden. He was instructed to eliminate anyone who approached the garden without Jehovah’s permission. Lucifer found a way around that through the serpent. He informed Lilith that Adam was mating with a woman named Eve, and did not seem to remember her at all. This made Lilith angry. She wanted Adam and Eve to fall out of grace with Jehovah as she had. So, Lucifer put a plan into motion to make that happen. He spoke to Eve through the serpent, and she ate of the tree of knowledge. She offered the fruit to Adam telling him what it was, and he ate as well. Jehovah was forced to cast them out of the garden.

Once the garden was empty of humans Lucifer was permitted to enter. He stole a sapling of the tree of life, and planted it in the garden he made for Lilith and their unborn child. Lilith’s child was born shortly before Eve conceived Kane. Lilith named their daughter Awa. Lucifer spent his days in the garden training new Angels, and his nights with Lilith. He was the example for the others of what not to do. After a while some of the angels began to feel sorry for Lucifer, and became his close confidants. When his brothers were not within ear shot Lucifer would gather his three closest companions, and discuss with them the pros and cons of doing things Jehovah’s way. The youngest of the three, Zeus, was very fond of Lucifer. He hung on every word the archangel said, and began to desire the power that Lucifer demonstrated; especially his power over the female angels.

“It is all a matter of confidence,” Lucifer explained when Zeus asked him how he could woo the angel Hera. “You just have to show her your strength, and confidence.’

“But Michael says that we are not meant to mate like the lower beings,” Zeus stated.

“Michael is a stick in the mud,” Lucifer stated bluntly. “If Jehovah did not want us to mate then why would he give us the urge to do so?”

“I guess that makes sense,” Zeus nodded uncertainly. He watched as Hera and Demeter splashed each other in one of the sparkling pools of water, and covered his stiffening member.

“Why don’t you and your friends come to my garden tonight,” Lucifer offered. “You can indulge there without shame.”

“I’ll pass the word along,” Zeus nodded.

“Only to those you trust not to say anything to my brothers,” Lucifer advised. “We would not want them to spoil our fun.”

Later that night Lucifer hosted five angels in his garden; Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, and Hades. After he allowed them to indulge in carnal pleasures he drew the three male angels aside. Lilith brought the female angels into their home to show off Awa, and to have a little female bonding.

“Did you enjoy yourselves tonight?” Lucifer inquired.

“Oh yes,” Zeus answered. “I wish Eden was like this.”

“Eden could be like this,” Lucifer stated. “That is if someone else were running things.”

“Someone like you?” Poseidon inquired. “Are you suggesting you could replace Michael?”

“My young friend, Michael replaced me,” Lucifer stated. “When I helped Lilith escape the brute Adam, Jehovah demoted me in the ranks of the archangels, and set Michael above me.”

“That’s not the story we heard,” Hades argued. “We heard you constantly interfered in Adam and Lilith’s relationship, and that the serpent told Jehovah you were the one who tempted Eve with the fruit of the tree of knowledge.”

“Those things are all true,” Lucifer nodded. “I interfered with Adam and Lilith because Adam did not treat her as an equal. I showed her a better way, and she took it.”

“And the incident with Eve and the fruit?” Poseidon asked.

“Again, to show Jehovah how flawed his precious Adam is,” Lucifer stated. “You all saw how he turned on Eve when they were questioned about eating the fruit, and how she turned on the serpent. Neither of them took responsibility for their actions. I on the other hand take responsibility for every action I have committed. Perhaps if they had been more forthcoming Jehovah would have been lenient.”

“Would you?” Poseidon inquired.

“I would not have placed such a foolish mandate,” Lucifer scoffed. “And I certainly would not have let Adam get away with his treatment of Lilith, nor would I have given him a replacement.”

“So, you want to rule in Jehovah’s place,” Zeus whispered.

“Yes,” Lucifer admitted. “Want to help me get there?”

“We are no match for them,” Hades stated.

“Not as you are,” Lucifer agreed. He spread his hands over the ground, and three metallic objects appeared before him. He picked up the one shaped like a lightning bolt and held it out to Zeus. “With this you can summon the storms.”

Zeus took the gift delicately, and felt the power emanating from it. Lucifer offered the trident to Poseidon, and explained to him that he could use it to master the seas. He handed the scythe to Hades giving him power of the souls of the dead.

“You will train here with these weapons,” Lucifer instructed, “and you will bring others to our side.”

The three angels Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades took the gifts Lucifer offered them. They trained under his tutelage both in the Garden of Eden by day and in his garden by night. When the time finally came they converted one third of Heaven’s angels to Lucifer’s side.

Lucifer led the charge with Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades at his back. The three angels used their weapons to bring down countless angels in their path until they reached Michael and Gabriel. The two archangels cut a path through their converted brethren until only Lucifer and his three followers were left. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades fled Heaven still carrying the weapons Lucifer had given them. Lucifer remained, to clash swords with his brothers. He over powered Gabriel easily enough, but found himself out done by Michael. He dodged Gabriel’s strike only to take the white hot blade of Michael’s sword through his abdomen. He fled when Michael withdrew the blade. Michael looked to Jehovah who gave the nod for him to pursue. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, dove into the abyss in pursuit of their brother.

“Bring him back alive!” Jehovah called after them.

Lucifer faltered as he made his way back to Lilith’s home in the center of his garden. He collapsed into her arms when she opened the door to greet him. Hera and Demeter were also there awaiting the return of Zeus and Poseidon. They fled when Lucifer informed them that their men had retreated from battle.

“My brothers are coming,” Lucifer gasped as Lilith eased him onto the couch. “I have to get out.”

Lilith did her best to dress the wound, but it continued to ooze blood around the dressing she used. A storm raged outside announcing Jehovah’s anger over his children’s betrayal. The concussive thunder woke Awa, who began to shriek. Lilith left Lucifer to comfort their child. The door to their home crashed open to reveal Michael surrounded in a radiant blue aura. He stepped in allowing Gabriel who was surrounded in a white aura to enter. Raphael entered between them surrounded in a green aura. He eyed the blood stained couch where Lucifer had sat.

“Just tell us where he is,” Raphael said calmly, “and we will not harm you or your child.”

“I do not know,” Lilith cried. “He was here, but then he left when I went to care for Awa.”

“I do not believe you,” Michael challenged he lunged at her causing Awa to scream.

Raphael put himself between his brother, and the woman holding her baby. “This is not the way Jehovah would want us to do this.”

“That thing should not exist,” Michael challenged.

“That thing is a baby,” Gabriel spoke up. “She is an innocent who has done nothing wrong.”

“If you want to cut someone down go find Lucifer.”

Raphael stood firm between Lilith, and Michael. He stayed with Lilith while the other two left to retrieve Lucifer. They returned holding him by his arms. Raphael wrapped his arm around Lilith, and cradled Awa in his other arm. The three archangels brought Lucifer and Lilith before the assembly of the remaining angels. Jehovah stood when they knelt in front of him. He moved to stand before Lucifer, who did his best to stand.

“You led a rebellion against me,” Jehovah stated. “You corrupted some of my angels, and three of them are now loose on the Earth with divine weapons. What were you thinking?”

“I am as strong as you,” Lucifer stated. “I should be sitting in that throne.”

“Is that so?” Jehovah inquired. “You have stepped out of line for the last time. I ban you from the kingdom of Heaven. The rest of you will watch the fate that awaits those who rise against me.”

Michael and Gabriel pushed Lucifer to his knees. They both drew their swords, which burned with the flames of the Holy Spirit. Lilith let out a shriek as they raised their swords in unison. Raphael turned the heads of the woman and child away as their swords fell. Lucifer shrieked as the hot blades made contact with his wings. The smell of burning flesh filled the throne room as the beautiful gold wings with blackened tips were severed from his body. Michael and Gabriel used their swords to cauterize the wounds on Lucifer’s back. They drug him out of the palace, and tossed him over the edge of the abyss. When they returned Jehovah ran his hands over the severed wings. They burst into flames, and burned to ash. Raphael handed Awa to Lilith, and stepped away from her as Jehovah approached.

“You have a choice,” Jehovah stated. His eyes locked on Lilith’s. “When you are returned to Earth you can either continue on the path you started, or you can stay with Adam and Eve. They have offered to accept you and your daughter into their home, but you will be expected to live by the tenants that were set in the garden. Adam is the head of the house, and his sons after him.”

“I’ll take my chances alone,” Lilith stated.

Raphael returned Lilith to the house in the garden Lucifer created. When she entered the house Lucifer lay on the couch, looking much less attractive than he had when he was an angel. Lilith set Awa in her crib, and sat beside the man she had chosen. She pulled him close, and he rested his head on her shoulder. He nuzzled into her neck, and press a chilling kiss to her soft flesh.

“This is not over,” Lucifer whispered.

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