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Strange love life
I had an automobile collision with an Abilene gal,
She said I was to blame but I couldn’t see how,
We decided both were blessed to survive the accident,
We smiled, embraced, and our separate ways we went.

A Detroit City lady was accused of committing murder,
She gazed with big blue eyes and asked me to defend her,
Now I’m not an attorney but her wish I couldn’t shun,
She’s serving life plus twenty years but I’m still on the run.

While visiting ol’ Baltimore a female friend of mine,
Gave to me, wrapped in cloth, a real heart valentine,
I was shocked as you might guess at such a gruesome scene,
More appropriate it would’ve been to give at Halloween.

In Houston lived a woman who once stole my credit card,
She drained my bank account which made living very hard,
But I’m no sap, I got it back and just to get ahead,
I put pepper on her upper lip then kicked her out of my bed.

Charleston is quite a town and the ladies there are sweet,
But there lived one in particular who had gigantic feet,
She measured fifty inches tall with her hair up in a bun,
If her feet were normal size she would be six foot one.

My Poetry  (E)
Come as you are.
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