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A stranger comes to a small town and changes the world forever.
It was a small town like all others with the one road of stores, everyone knows everyone and their buisness and all is safe. At least that is what everyone thought.
That was until a stranger showed up with no memory and no story. Since it was a welcoming place they let the stranger in to stay as long as he wanted with all the resources that he needed. The town’s people were all in love with this new man, all but fifteen year old Morgan. She would never go near that man, to her she felt an evilness inside him and didn’t want to be any part of it.
The town’s people seemed to be under a spell from this stranger. As time went by he started to remember that he was a soldier. A soldier of whom no one knows, but he was a soldier and that means respect was due.
The town turned into his kingdom with a ruler that has no memory and no past. He was unknown and honored. The teen that the town’s people now avoided knew which army he served and she knew of his past, if asked she would act as lost and confused as all the rest but deep in her soul she knew the truth.
Years have passed since the stranger came to town. Now known as Michael.  This man rules this small town with dreams of becoming more. The town was always the starting point of his journey. He needed to start somewhere where outsiders were feared and a stranger unwanted. Knowing that he gained that much power in a place so isolated he knew he could become so much more.

Once he had his power, his army would return and earth would be his. People would worship him and he would never again have to go home.
There was only a few who knew his true intentions, but they wouldn’t be a problem. Most were known for being crazy, not knowing the truth people would say. The people were wrong, these few knew the truth better than any other on earth but no man would be crazy enough to listen to them.
He felt comfortable here. It was turning into his home. There were just a few things missing and he could stay here forever.
Hundreds of years have passed. He is now has the power of the world. As he gains power from the most powerful country of all, he gains allies from the others. Soon his army will come and no one not even the truth seekers could stop him then.
All he needed was a truce with one more country and he could control earth. He knew his army could come sooner but he felt confident that the last country would fold under his hands without force.  He knew that if negotiation did not work that that would be the last option.

A young girl about ten watches the news with her parents. They are in awe of their new president. They call him a visionary and the man to believe. This little girl can feel the truth. The evilness in him and she fears this man on the television.
Later that night I her dream she sees a man. The man is a kindly looking person with nice eyes. He is surrounded by a bright white light. He holds out his hand to the little girl. Without hesitation she takes it. He takes her to the future where she sees a great army with the man from the television standing in front leading. That isn’t the most frightening part of the dream, she can see bodies of the innocent surrounding the army and their leader, and earth has been destroyed. The kindly man tells her that it is up to her and others like her to stop this man.
As she awakens from this dream she remembers every detail and wonders what she could do to help. She was only a child and on earth children do not have much power. The thing she focuses on is the face of the others like her the kindly man showed her.  She knew she had to find these people and save the earth.
She packed a bag and snuck out her window. She knew her parents would be mad but it was the lives of all the people on earth. What other choice did she have.

Three days later she found a man. A man like her. He told her about the dream he had and told her about the journey he had to find the others like him.
The ones he could find were killed. They were the last two left on earth. What could he and a small girl do to save the earth?

He could not get power from the other country. It meant that it was time for plan B. he would bring up his army from the underworld and earth would fall at his feet. If they did not they would perish.
His army killed all who stood in their way. They could not and would not be stopped.  The only hope earth had was two strange travelers trying to find the leader of the underworld’s army.

As the heroes approached the large army a figure appeared before them. The man in their dreams. He told them that they must destroy the army or earth would be lost in a matter of years.
It was a grand battle. The heroes recruited soldiers from many countries. Many fought to keep earth for the people.
At the end the young girl used a power hidden inside her to kill the man who led the evil army. He wasn’t human but he wasn’t a god. No one could tell you what he was but he died and so did his army.
The man and the girl stood on a hill looking at the new earth. They knew their world would never be the same.
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