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A beautiful queen lives in the cold Arctic, protecting a newborn Princess and a wolf pack.
  The Snow Queen hiked through the deep snow on an icy hill. When she reached the top, ice surrounded her. There was ice for miles. There was no shelter unless they managed to reach the town of Greenland, but no one would trust her icy ways.

  The baby inside her white cloak stirred, whimpering in the cold. The Queen did not mind the cold, but a baby, even the Princess of Ice and Snow, could not stand the freeze of the wind.

  Perhaps they could continue back to the cave in which the Princess baby was born? It was too long a walk, the baby would never make it. And even if she did, it was much too moist and wet in the cave to start a fire.

  Greenland was not too far away. They could possibly travel there? The Queen ran and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Her legs were strong and fast since the Queen was used to climbing snow hills. The Queen just hoped the baby could make it.
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