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by K-lee
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The girl he fell for is now going to die, it's her fate(a scene from a book I well write)

Chosen One

Kym Ly

Why does it have to rain now of all days?” I whispered as I
tugged on my wet shirt that was clinging to my skin. “If I had
known I would have put on a coat, god damn it!”

was becoming annoyed as I stood in the shadows of the dark, empty
street. But I guess, for a day like this, dark clouds and heavy rain
was more appropriate. I looked down at my digital watch. It read
9:45. I sighed “Five more minutes until go time I guess.”

where I stood, arms crossed over my chest because of the rain, I
could see the whole street clearly. It was a dark night but all the
streetlights that ran along both sides of the street, clearly lit up
the whole street bathing it in a hazy orange glow. A small smile
played on my lips as I thought of the person who would be walking
down the street soon, but then I bit my lower lop to hold it in. I
shouldn’t be smiling, but this always happens whenever I think
of her. Whether it’s the way her soft brown hair moves so
easily in the wind or her grey blue eyes….

it! I was full on smiling now, teeth bare and all. I shook my head to
wipe the damn face off, and it worked. I tightened my arms over my
chest again. This rain had come out of nowhere. I thought I saw
something and looked down to the other side of the street, still
empty. She’ll be here soon enough.

done this countless times before. Why they chose me to do it I’ll
never know. But every time it has been the wrong girl. Sometime I
swear they are the dumbest people on earth.

laugh a little thinking of what they would be doing to me if they
knew what I was thinking right now. But it’s true. For years
they have been sending me on these crazy trips all over the world
just to find “The Chosen One” as they call it. I blew my
black, wet hair that was plastered to the side of face in
frustration. But this girl – she’s different from all the
other ones I had to follow before. I’m not sure how, but yeah,
just different. I was smiling again, but I didn’t try to shake
it off this time.

looked at my watch again. 9:48, two more minutes. Two. Just like the
two months I have been following her. It’s the way they do it.
Well, the way they get me to do it. Follow and keep a close eye on
the chosen one. I don’t know how many times I had told them
that I don’t want to do this. I mean, they too can the dead, so
why am I the one running around chasing these silly girls whose fate
is only death?

Her fate was death. A lump built up in my throat as I thought of
this. These last two months that I have been following her, I don’t
know why, but death would be the last thing I would wish to come to
her. To start, she’s only eighteen, three years younger than
me, and I don’t think she’s ever had a boyfriend before.
I smile again, but then a cold chill ran down my spine, and I looked
up. She’s here.

heavy rain made it hard to hear anything, but the orange light from
the streetlights made it easy to see. She was walking down my way
from the corner of the street, I don’t know why though. I mean
if it was me I would be running to get out of this rain, but she was
a swimmer so I guess she liked it.

watched her from where I stood and even in this annoying rain and her
all soaking wet she still looked good. Her hair was tied back, it’s
usually down, but she was coming back from work so it was up, and she
was still in her work clothes as well. She always looked good in her
work clothes. A white pressed shirt, with her name embroidered in
dark blue on the top left corner over her chest; a black skirt
cutting just above her knees. Yes. She always looked good in her work
clothes. I didn’t want to think about it, but I knew I was
smiling watching her right now.

sound of a motorbike’s tires squeaked as it speeded around the

he comes,” I said, stepping back more into the shadows.

motorbike raced down the street, faster then what the speed limit
would surely be, and it passed her. At that moment I wished it would
have just kept on going or skidded and crash and the driver died
right here right now, but it didn’t. The biker hit his breaks
hard, and his tires skidded as he turned his bike around. He was
facing her now. “What a jerk,” I thought. He didn’t
even have a biker’s jacket on, and I’m sure he got his
helmet out of some gutter somewhere. Already, I wanted to hit him.

revved his bike up a couple of times before riding it over to her in
a slow manner. She had stopped where she was and was now fully aware
of this jerk that was coming her way.

stopped next to her and got off his bike, slowly. I saw her try to
move away, but he blocked her with a quick side step. I saw his mouth
move but couldn’t hear what he was saying to her, but I don’t
think I would have wanted to anyway. She was scared, I could tell
from where I stood. I was watching her every move. The biker was a
lot bigger than her, and I wish she had just done whatever it was
that he had wanted, but she didn’t.

happen quickly just, like they had said it would. He got out a gun,
she started crying. One thing after another happened until she fought
with him, and the gun went off.

made a run for it but not before taking the hand bag that was hooked
on her arm and pushing her, making her fall over onto the hard

were along now, so I moved closer. I knew I shouldn’t have, but
I just couldn’t stay away for some reason. I could hear her
crying now, now that I was closer. She was calling out for help, but
there was no one around. Well, no one who was going to help her. I
wanted to help, I really did. Watching her like this was harder than
ever, but why? I had watched countless of these girls – these
“Chosen One’s” – die over and over before,
but none of them were as painful to watch as she was. But this was
how it was to be, once there was a chosen one she is fated to die. I
never really knew why they had to die, and I never asked, but that’s
how it was.

was happening now. She was dying. I could see her body slowly going
limp. She had already stopped calling out but she was still crying, I
could hear her body fighting for air. I grabbed my shirt where my
chest was, where the pain was. I could feel and hear her heart beat
slowing down; it was really going to happen. I was going to loose
her. I was pulling on my shirt now. These feeling – this pain –
they were all so strong in my body.

don’t want to loose her,” I whisper. Her heart had
completely come to a stop now, and it felt as though mine did too. “I
won’t loose her.”

moved closer to her and looked down at her still body. I waited.

didn’t have to wait that long this time, not like the others.
It happened almost instantly. Cold and hot waves were running through
my body and in the air around me. She was going to part from her
body, and I knew at that moment that whatever happens after she does.
Whether she’s the chosen one or not, I was going to stay with
her. We were going to be together. I let my hand fall back to my
side, with hope in me.

waited for it to happen not taking my eyes away from her, and it was
then that something changed; something was different. What was it? I
felt a little panic rise up in me, as I looked around to see what was

energy was new to me; I’ve never felt this before, it was so
strong so powerful. I looked down at her again, and what the hell…
she was glowing. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, this
never happened before. I moved to her, but then, out of nowhere, a
huge force of power shot outwards from her entire body, which sent me
flying to the other side of the street.

landed hard on the ground, and it took me a second to regain myself.
Shaking my head I looked up to see where I had landed, but then what
I saw, I had never expected to see. Back on the other of the street
there she was standing, not apart from her body but as one whole. The
unknown force had pushed me back far, almost back to where I was
standing before. I looked at her with amazement, she had not parted
from her body but had, instead, completely reawakened.

stood up. The rain was still falling strong as I watched her for a
second. She was still crying, and the front of her white work shirt
was now covered in her deep red blood; running down her torso mixing
in with the warm rain. I was breathing heavily trying to get my
breath back after that fall. A huge grin ran across my mouth, and I
couldn’t help but laugh a bit; I lifted my head to the sky and
let the rain hit my face. She is the chosen one.

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