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A simplified research paper reveals secrets few have known.
“It is with great delight that I must intrude upon the face of the deep with but a wicked and vile undertone of truth and misanthropy. Their songs shall resonate throughout this world with one chord, striking at the very essence of man and beast alike.” - Dr. John Procter II quoting “Ab Aeterno”; chapter five: ‘Mors Principium Est’

On a rigid plane of various mythologies, I, Dr. Procter II, recount the daemons which have since dwelled within my night-terrors. Recounting would be hideous, based on my close encounter with the dangerous tome’s denizens. There is but a timeline on such events one can traverse. Hominids take notice of such abhorrent mysterious surrounding the incantations which litter the timeline.

Notes from such a flaccid recount are cloudy as my hand writing seethe with infernal fear. I had no such memory of the very moments after my encounters, merely closed by the facts of a comatose sighing in the distance. Should I include random spurts of heavy rhetoric, discount and continue on. A surge of occultism cover the blankly coveted stories of said tome; Ab Aeterno. Most effectively, I shall not utter a single word upon which I write for if one grunt within a stanza shall conjure up such abyssal horrors, seemingly from another world or dimension of time and space.

My unholy recollection on said timeline shall henceforth appear within this research paper:

AD ASTRA - “To the stars we climb, from the stars we dwell. Once set upon the wheel of time and space, they will all recognize their own deaths with no trace.” The rhyme of said siren, weaving its song. The sirens continue weeping. A drip of silent devotion is one paramount whisper as I slumber in all but devoid consciousness. There's but one stammering of cricketing hint. I dare not venture into these hopeless dreams. I dare not dream.

Consternation via mass extinctions due to sacrifice. Said scarifications upon the face of the Earth due to the rise of the Elder Ones. Feelings of dismay and anxiety give way to unholy faculties of worship. They worshipped the Elder Ones. Octin’jusp, M’il’jyn and Ban’ee’ltph.

These three govern and rule the vast cosmic oceans; following their own pretentious and hilarities, brought about by the blight over lesser known sentient beings.

Octin’jusp; dweller from within the mind; anthropomorphic and armoured master of telepathy and possession; scaled and horned god older than time immemorial. Great blessings be upon those who summon Octin’jusp. Noticing a slight migraine, the onset of this Elder One could be felt with a slight euphoric migraine, bringing about feelings of helplessness. The possession takes form with the accursed one’s hold on the “mannequin’s” mind and every thought. Hours of being withheld in a catatonic state, the person’s body falls comatose, with the essential senses - sight, smell and touch - still intact. Octin’jusp communicates as a guttural slur through the possessed person’s contents within their torso, as though they’ve went days without food.

Days of possession slowly wear on the possessed being’s body with the eventual rigor mortis and a slight discolouration brought about by the contractions sustained upon the being’s body; stretch marks. Said marks eventually rip open, exposing a putrid, fecal odour. Contents have all been slurried in an amalgamation of molasses-like bile.

‘Ii’ty ung bl’op’ne asd’lux Octin’jusp’on yg leex’tor.' Summoning said Elder God results in days of comatose torture and slavery of their mind.

M’il’jyn; scaled and tentacled bringer of decay; winged serpent of space; clawed vengeance of the abyss. M’il’jyn delights in the agony of a lesser form. Conjuring it invokes a wave of extreme paranoia, eventually manifesting into agoraphobia. An intense piercing scream can be heard, but not felt in an ongoing event, bringing about the fear and sheltered form of oneself. The fault of one uttering M’il’jyn’s prayer consumes their own mania. The person eventually locks themselves away, chained to a wall or floor, gnawing at their own body. An informal hunger for the body of their God pulls the horrified being into submission.

Continuing on for weeks, said person who conjures M’il’jyn eventually consumes their own body to the point of a long, agonizing death at the result of helplessness and madness. The piercing screams continue to reverberate to the point of one’s eardrums exploding inside of their own head; deafness.

‘Ixit’o’wyzic bluy’m’ip ma’qwill’iop M’il’jyn pyth’mun ex’ian luth’grib.’ Slow, agonizing and vile, this Elder One delights in what others seem to distaste with such animosity.

Ban’ee’ltph; formless one; existing being of void and scorn; bloated and lifeless; the wearer of hides; sanctity of mysterious terror. Not much is known about the guise of Ban’ee’ltph - presumably a floating mass of liquefied gas - but the possession of said Elder One results as the wearing of said being’s skin or hide.

It is but a few hours after said conjuring of Ban’ee’ltph happens, that the offender starts to feel as though they are being stretched. A slight, comforting feeling - such as the feeling of ecstasy when waking up in the morning - takes hold. Said offender begins to feel relaxed, but only for a few hours. The relaxed sense drops dramatically as the being then starts to feel stretched in all directions, as though gravity is pulling it apart. Drawn and quartered for a few days - puking, restlessness and migraines are a constant - the offender’s fingers and toes explode rapidly, flowing with a surge of coloured, liquefied gas. As a result, the infected being’s hands, feet, arms and legs then start to dissolve as the gaseous form destroys its every fiber. Still intact is the offender’s senses, being subjected to this torture for days on end.

Once the limbs have been taken, said torso then collapses on itself, leaving a gibbering mass of floating liquid supporting the exposed brain of the offender. Not long after, the thoughts, intelligence and soul of the person or creature is then absorbed into this Elder One, leaving no trace of their life essence.

‘Gho’wav’viul ltph unx’cugon liq’xopa Ban’ee’ltph fhtum hongaz uulion myl.’ It is said by various cults that speaking these words are the last resort of a cultist’s Elder One summoning.

Infinite wisdom will be bestowed upon the incantations of said Elder Ones and simultaneous rituals. Explained throughout this section are the rituals which must take place before learning the ancient secrets of the universe.”

I, Dr. Jon Procter II, shall resume my skimming of this wicked section of the Ab Aeterno. No shape of despair shall overcome this feeling of fear. Have I not spoke nor muttered any vowel of these rituals, my life currently seems content with a hint of paranoia. Once built upon the emotional strain of this section, a hopeful glow came about. The thought of infinite wisdom for a certain amount of time would certainly benefit ones life, were it not for the process of imminent death.

Picking up where I left off:

RITUS - “To accept defeat in an otherwise doomed world, is the paramount form idiocy and excitement. Gain truth and wisdom from those whom built the deficiencies of said universe and time. Denizens from above and below, harken shrieks of blight and decay.”

Octin’jusp - Such rite must include the extraction of the brain of a rhinoceros and simultaneous sacrifice of an armadillo, both submerged in fire and mercury while uttering the Elder God’s words. After, scarification via mercury soaked hot iron rod must be placed in the middle of one’s forehead in the shape of a crescent moon.

M’il’jyn - Begin with yelling out M’il’jyn’s words while standing in a trapezoid shaped “rune circle”, lined with hot coals. Fill in the space with eagle claws, broken glass and barbed wire. After yelling out the incantation, walk the line of the “rune circle”, allowing the blood from your feet to outline it.

Ban’ee’ltph - Wear the skin of a large carcass, soaked in a flammable liquid. After silently and softly speaking Ban’ee’ltph’s words, light said carcass on fire whilst wearing, allowing the smoke to fill the body cavity and engulf your form. Concluding the ritual, slowly remove said inflamed creature and rest it upon a steak in the middle of a smoldering pit of coals.

These rites are not for the faint of heart and should be taken with extreme caution and a warning of your own death knell. Readers beware.”

Perhaps it was the ramblings of a madman, I took heed of these warnings and vowed to never remove myself from society so much as to warrant an appearance of one of these beings. Many depictions of these beasts virtually studded each page to the point of nauseousness. My skimming is just and my notes show as just. I shall simply explain the details of my scribblings in my next section of research, for I feel an intense migraine coming upon in lieu of mental strain.
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