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Wishing Jane Austen a Happy Birthday.
Jane Austen was born December 16, 1775. I was born December 21 and I feel that Jane and I have something in common besides the love of writing. Jane as born 219 years ago and we still remember her and honor her. She has no idea how famous her writing was. She wrote romance of Regency times and she lived in that era. We know Jane was born in England but her books have made it across the pond and we love her just as much as England does.

How do we wish Jane Austen a Happy Birthday and celebrate her day? Some people have a tea party in her honor and discuss her books. I read some women dress up like her and pretend they are in the time era that she was born. I once went to a Victorian Tea and the women were all dressed up in old fashioned clothes and I felt I was in Jane Austen's time. It was a day to remember.

What will I do to honor her Birthday? I will watch "Lost In Austen" and "Pride and Prejudice." I have been reading her books lately. If I go out, I will wear my lavender Jane Austen shawl that a lady at Church made me. It is from the pattern of Jane Austen Fashions Magazine. I also have a pendant that looks like Jane that I can put on a chain to wear. I have a Jane Austen Journal that I can write notes in from her books about my favorite characters. I may bake a cake in her honor. If I was in Bath, England I could go to a Jane Austen Festival. I will honor Jane's Birthday in my own way.

Jane had seven published novels and writers still write stories about her characters from "Pride and Prejudice" and her other novels. While I am here writing this on my computer, I think of Jane at her writing desk writing her masterpieces. I like to think that Jane had a Birthday dinner prepared by her mother and her sister. Maybe they had turkey, duck, roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, rolls and a special Birthday cake. Her sister Cassandra painted flowers on a tea cup, her mother gave her a necklace, her father gave her more writing supplies and a special writing pen. Her brothers gave her jewelry, books and her brother Henry gave her latest published manuscript of new novel. Was it "Pride and Prejudice", "Emma", Mansfield Park" or "Northanger Abbey?" Jane was thrilled I am sure. Maybe Jane went to a ball and danced with a special someone. I would like to have known Jane back then.

I wish Jane a Happy Birthday. I have my Jane Austen Group here and have written several items about her and her characters from "Pride and Prejudice." I will toast Jane on her special day and as I prepare for Christmas and my Birthday, I will be thinking of Jane Austen's Birthday as well. I will write more romances as well and I hope to write like Jane. She the best writer in the early 1800's. Her stories and legacy live on. Jane, I do admire you and love you.

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