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A man awakens into a perplexing reality, aliens are trying to take control of the Earth.

Strange world      

"Osmic Sanskrit, I summon thee out of respite, the Annuke seek your immediate attention, aboard the space freighter; Lazarus!"


Rising to awareness, I wrenched my eye lids ajar, bugged rigid following my prolonged rest. Analysing the rowdy chaos that had rapidly diminished my comatose state, I'd delighted in. The visions grew lucid, and then a disturbing insight, clenched at my senses and the situation became thunderstruck. I was exposed to the depraved notion; no conventional bed existed, for I was suspended through a gravimetric propulsion field that was elevated over my new hi-tech habitation deck.  Afloat in mid-air, I franticly sought a retraction; I bellowed at the din, "unbound me now!"

My eyes ultimately focused and the discontinuity persisted, so I thrust at the invisible force holding me in place, to abscond. The surroundings were too fanciful to envision, so I simply resulted in the fact, I must be dreaming? Then whoever had awoken me, spoke again. "Savage ink, is that you? The device has to of succeeded, for this is your reality. I'm a computerized artificial intelligence, who's ready and willing to assist you in taking back your species.

An alien race called; the Annuke have erased your mind and put one of their people's souls inside you, but you created an intricate device to hide in your nasal cavity, for averting soul transfer. I appreciate this would distress you greatly; though fear not for I can recover your memories from my secret hard drive. Inevitably I'll conceal you amongst these devious and wicked people from another world, who are imprisoning the human race in their grand deception! We should pray to God in the heavens that in just a short time, once I have inserted my electrodes into your frontal lobe and the pulsation will bring back the real Savage ink.  You can then fight these oppressors and win back the freedom for your people!"

A genuinely weird sensation emerged beneath my stiff and traumatised body; unexpectedly I comprehended being elevated back to terra firmer, except the flooring was truly out of this world. Its composition was unlike anything in any wildest imaginations, with its revolutionary material. Spinning around this ultra-modern abode, I couldn't bear the images and screamed aloud, "What's this outlandish society that's ensnared me? I certainly feel like a stranger in a strange land and lost in purgatory!"

The Sun still glimmered high through the clear panoramic view of my hi-tech apartment, as I scrutinised every technological gizmo, slotted into the area of a telephone box.  Unexpectedly a colourful holographic computer face, metallised right in front of me! It's oddly shaped mouth opened and its words bounced off every bizarre apparatus. Gripped to the spot, I was forced again to listen at what this artificial intelligence said! "Relax Savage, you will find a sensor in front of you, this will emit a recreation zone too comfort you."  I stared hard, at this infuriating machine, with its ugly face and I was enraged, so I screamed at it! "Calm down? When I don't know who I am or how I emerged in this perplexing future, Screw you; you're a pile of old junk, get me home now!" The holographic Face smiled, then I noticed my absurd outfit, with its advanced synthetic material and It reminded me of an all in one type jump suit! I decided it was horribly feminine and couldn't wait to get out this nightmare, and get back into my jeans and t-shirt.

The virtual life form continued to rattle on, "I am in empathy of your Condition Mr Ink, but prior to the Annuke wiping your brainstem, I derived that you would become incoherent and unresponsive. Don't panic! You determined this crisis and prepared a digitized, three dimensional holographic recording of your earlier self. This vital data has been scrabbled into secret algorithms in my microprocessor, so no praying eyes could decipher our cunning ploy, to eradicate all these off world tyrants. Use your finger prints over the sensors, which are located around the room, this will disengage the radical storage units. You will discover a sophisticated password written in cipher, which only I can break, to descramble your message." Exploring this strange location, for these sensors and not really believing what this bizarre computer said and wiling myself to wake up. I sought the mechanisms to release the new fancy cupboards and swiped my thumb, upon the surface of each sensor. Impressive perplexes furniture emerged that had been concealed in the wall, sounds and lights filled the whole eerie domed future home. I began to explore these new-fangled closets for some password that had been concealed by early self. There was no way of knowing how it was documented, with no evidence of written utensils?

Moving around and peering into each drawer, mesmerised by new technological inventions and having no idea what they were for or did? I touched all the equipment and every surface of the complex cabinets! I was ready to give up and go back to sleep, to wake up in my real world, when I heard a noise! An undisclosed draw materialised from under one of the strange looking shelves and a holographic message beamed out into my oddly lodgings! I gazed at its alien symbols and intricate numeric writings, but was beyond my comprehension. I abruptly heard the living computer speak from behind me and I nearly fell on all the equipment that I'd placed on the bright and odd shaped floor. Its static voice kept shouting in my ears, "Savage move back so I can decipher the code and produce your secret message."

I did as the complex living machine asked and sat back on the contemporary seat and waited for the thing to work its magic and see my past self in digital form!  I looked around and kept quiet and an open mind, but was still prepared to awaken from this eternal anguish. I then began to hear bizarre noises and colourers materialized into a three dimensional head, right in front of me. I felt like hiding under my chair because I thought it was going to knock me to the ground. Then I went a pale colour, when I saw it was me, but older than I was, picturing myself, without a mirror. He began to speak back, the pre-recorded message. "Hello Save, do not be alarmed for we are one and the same. I am pleased that you discovered the code I left, so you could obtain the message. Our memory was erased 6 days ago and the virtual computer has been secretly shrouding you from those dangerous aliens, from beyond the stars.

The A.I spoke in their language through you and kept the orange creatures at bay for the immediate future, but we cannot emphasise that these beings are advanced and will uncover the truth and our way of life will be lost forever, as they assimilate the human race and take over the planet Earth. You must continue to pretend that you are Osmic Sanskrit and decipher the Annuke's master plan to take over the human race and steal the Earth's natural resources. The advanced computer system we built will once again speak the alien tong through you; this should keep you hidden from them deadly planet over throwers. Remember Savage your mission is of vital importance, so keep it together at all times. I know this is all confusing and bewildering, but it is real and the A.I machine will find other people to help you in relinquishing your race against those oppressors; The Annuke."

I listen hard to my early self and take in his message, but my subconscious could still not comprehend what was transpiring around me. Before I had time to keep thinking if this was real or my imagination, a white light that was bright than a thousand sons filled the round window and the weirdest spaceship in any science fiction film.  A whooshing sound engulfed my whole being and I was transferred the aliens Freighter. My eyes felt as if they were being pulled out of my head and that id swallowed them, as this transmitter device omitted me to another space in this incomprehensible existence. Except that wasn't the most strangest factor, for as soon as I witnessed these beings from another star, my brain shut down and I lost all my senses. I quickly came to and was stood in the technical room of revolutionary space vehicle and observed the extra-terrestrials at work and hardly noticed me. These Annuke creatures were perplexing to view. As they were roughly 8 feet tall with very thin blue bodies and extra-large heads, but had six arms and their fingers looked as if they'd been put in a vice and stretched. I was truly having difficulty excepting what I was seeing, but I remembered my early self and that bizarre A.I machine id created and had to act part of their species else the Human race would be lost and my home taken over by space Invaders.

Out the darkness a voice pulsated all over the ship and its verbal tongue was inconceivable to say the least, but the artificial intelligence was translating in my ear and understood what the king of the Annuke was uttering to what he thought was his captain; the mighty warrior, Osmic Sanskrit. The leader from the people who arose from an orange triangle planet that was a 380 million light years from Earth and had been obliterated from a sun going supernova. A few hundred Annuke had escaped with their lives but for eons had been searching from a viable planet to live on, but out of trillions it was only the Earth that was feasible. AS hank Libra ink wanted an update on the control of the humans via soli transfer as their week bodies over the eons had become fragile and needed new vessels to continue their existence.

As the mile long space freighter leisurely drifted over envoi 1, this had been England and Europe, but now been turned into a colossal metropolis, while I; Savage Ink tried to pay attention to the King alien, surveyed the distorted landscape. As I gazed beyond the horizon I could not recognize my home and began to feel a stranger in a strange land and as I looked out at all the humans, all I could now see were these blue invaders instead.

A horde of Annuke Woman enclosed around me and my sights became distorted, they offered me orange and yellow Plasma wine and sang angelic melodies. Out of the corner of my warped mind, I came to the realisation that this place wasn't that bad and I could certainly be happy here in my new strange world.

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