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An original poem I wrote from a character's point of view, describing a dream he had.
Dark Storm Breaking

Our enemies surround us, and we are an island in a sea of darkness.

The light is dimming, and the sea rushes in.

As the storm rages, all hope seems lost.

The streets become rivers of blood and tears.

Smoke fills the air as the city burns.

Horrors stalk in the shadows.

Just when it seems the darkness will consume us,

There, on the horizon, appears a light.

Soon the sounds of war echo across the plains.

As we watch, magic flares in the night.

The light grows closer, brighter, as the darkness is driven back.

Soon the armies of light can be seen.

Warriors, enchanters, clerics, and rogues, marching in the thousands.

The light is blinding, and the darkness parts.

The demon hoards scatter and flee.

The storm breaks, and the sun rises.

We are free once more.

((This was originally posted by me here: http://www.elfwood.com/u/arlondale%20sotari/story/61f38980-7a45-11e4-ab25-8bbe12... ))

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