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First assignment of my Romantica workshop which combines romance and erotica.
Romantica Workshop – 6 week course starting December 29, 2014

Week #1 – December 29, 2014 to January 4, 2015.

Assignment 1: Part One:
Pick two characters you are going to become intimate with for the next six weeks. Name them and give them some background information. Write a mini character profile [2 paragraphs] for each character, from their own point of view. Things to think about in regards to your characters: How do they know one another? What attracts them to each other? Is it an instant attraction? Do they have a love/hate relationship with sexual undertones? Remember this is self-discovery, not how one sees the other, but how they each see themselves. What makes them tick? Label one character "A", the other "B".

A – Millar Campbell. Age 19.
Feelings were a puzzle to Millar, especially those with high velocity potency. Coming from a small town, (a village really along the Cabot Trail) where everyone knew everyone, Guelph and its university scene was overwhelming. She had settled in pretty well. Got the gist and expectations around classes and her basic routines. She had manoeuvred through the minefield that was residence life, but one area threw off her game. Her feelings for one guy.
Tall and built, he stole her breath by simply looking at her and it frightened the crap out of her. Being around him set her brain into orbit. Trying to capture phrases and sound somewhat competent was difficult. The only way she could manage him and her own attraction was to set up barriers and be miffed at him. A scowl seemed to be her shield, yet he seemed immune.

B – Garrison Clark Age 22
He did not understand girls that well, but something about Millar called to him. Her standoffish attitude got to him. She seemed to scowl every time he laid eyes on her and there was nothing he had done to set her off. Yet something about her drew him like a flame and he could not let her go. He loved the challenge.
Like her, he was a small town boy. The difference was that he was from northern Ontario. Unlike her, he was entering Vet school having completed his undergrad. He was a seasoned student, no longer learning the ropes.
Though he was graced with gorgeous looks and girls seemed to flock to him, he seemed almost oblivious.

Part Two:
Describe your interpretation of Romance, including what your expectations are when you read a romance novel. Do the same for Erotic fiction. Tell me how you think the two genres can be brought together, what elements need to be focused on. This need not be extensive, just enough information for us to work with over the next six weeks.

For me there needs to be a relationship. It is not just two characters coming together for fun and mutual satisfaction. There needs to be a connection beyond the base attraction. When I read a romance I want to be entranced by the characters. I want to become part of their inner circle and see their relationship blossom and their connection grow not only on the physical level, but at the emotional and intellectual level. They need to be there for each other - a soul connection. Soul mates. Partners in the way forward in life. A union of two souls, minds and bodies. Fulfillment and joy.

I do not read a lot of erotic fiction... for me there needs to the romantic connection that I enjoy in a romance with the added heat of the physical. The pull and push of the physical attraction. To leave out the emotional and intellectual components leaves things flat, almost demeaning to both people.

To bring the two together heats up all elements - mind, soul and body. Pushes the envelop in a way that is sensual, not crass. A beautiful union of two people. Love emblazoned and fulfilled... bringing out the pure connection.

Part Three:
Write a 1000 word scene. Put them in a public environment: coffee shop, school, work, church, anywhere they can interact, but are not alone. They will arrive separately at their destination, and are familiar with each other. Explore that meeting. Who starts the conversation? What happens as they converse? Do they try to hide off in the corner for privacy? Let the dialog flow, concentrate on setting the scene, and describing how they interact with each other. Only use the point of view of character "A". If sparks are flying, show that.

“Let’s go Millar. You’re dragging your feet. You should be dancing. It is your birthday for heaven’s sake. Legal age.” Shandra let out a whoop that had Millar smiling at the exuberantness of her friend.

She picked up her purse and took another check of the small box, known as their residence room. Following the noise, she headed into the lounge area where several of her roommates waited in various poses that seemed to attract the eyes and attention of the boys from the other end of the residence’s hall. She set a smile on her face and looked for Shandra. Shandra had a way of settling her and making her feel everything would be okay.

“Okay, birthday girl is here. Let’s go.” One of the guys yelled and the group moved as a unit, a bumbling one at that.
Laughter rose up through concrete walls that housed them.

Being outside, let her breath and she drew in a deep one as she felt her friend slip an arm around her shoulders. “Tonight my friend, we are going to find you a man... not one of these little boys.”

“Hey.” One of those boys squawked, but she waved him off.

“You are so going to love the Bullring. Blasting music. Cheap booze. Older university guys. Oh, it is our little piece of heaven on earth.”
Millar laughed at her friends grand assessment. “I don’t need a man...”

“Oh, darling. We don’t need a man, but think of the delights one can give you...”

Millar shook her head, careful not to meet Shandra’s eyes and reveal her inexperience.
“Trust me, Millar. A man is a good thing.”

Inside the club, the music gripped her. The throbbing beat had her relaxing as she followed Shandra through the throng. They edged along the dance floor skirting the tables. Millar could not stop from looking all around her. The place was truely amazing and she could not help the smile that touched the tips of her lips.

She tried to keep her hand on Shandra afraid of losing her within the bodies, but the jostling of the crowd had her hand shift and she grasped at air.

"Hey, babe." a tall broad guy grabbed her hand and pulled her off balance towards him. She found herself surrounded by a wall of muscle. Her eyes widened and a flame of fear flickered within her. Hands moved to stroke her curves and voices moved close and whispered booze infused comments. Millar trembled and not from excitement.

"Hey. Back off guys." one voice rose above the others.

"Hey, we're cool, Garrison. Just having a little fun with the little lady."

"I said, back off guys." The firm voice pressed into the circle of men as the guy moved into their space.

Slowly they backed off and she was shoved towards a solid wall of muscle that seemed even taller and broader than the others. Raising her eyes she saw a taunt face staring at the others over her head. A ripple of awareness shimmered over her. She could not look away.
"Take her then." one gruff voice quipped as the guys moved away.

He watched them move off, then his eyes shifted to look at her. Those eyes. Even in the darkness of the club, they seemed to capture her and hold her bound and breathless.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his voice rumbling over her sending still more shimmers down her spine.

She nodded, unsure of her voice. Her eyes were locked on his.

He smiled and that seemed to unravel her. The man could melt butter.
"Where are your friends?"

"I don't know...."

"I'll help you find them." he offered his hand and she looked down at it. Slipping hers into his she felt the jolt sizzle through her. Her breath hitched on a gasp. She looked to him to see if he had noticed. His smile seemed to dazzle, holding hers a moment longer before he turned and moved in the direction Shandra had gone.

Millar felt her heart skitter and flip then soar. The contact continued to sizzle up her arm. When he stopped quickly she collided with his solid back. Her body enjoyed the full frontal contact. She could feel the heat of him. Her hand landed on the flat of his back and felt firm muscle.

He looked down at her and smile that melt worthy smile again. "Is that your group?" he asked pointing across where Shandra was popping up her eyes scanning, searching for her lost friend.

Millar smiled and nodded. "Thank you." she said to him then moved in front of him and skittered through the crowd leaving him standing alone staring after her. She needed distance. Reaching her friends she was able to breath again and slow her heart to a more reasonable level.

"Where did you get to?" Shandra asked wrapping her arm around Millar's waist.

"I got separated... someone helped me out." It was only then that she looked back Garrison's way.

Her eyes caught on his and she watched his smile warm and his lips tip up in a toe curling grin.

"Oooo boy. Was that the man that saved you?" Shandra whispeered into her ear. Millar could only nodded.

"Now that is grade A man." Shandra let out a low whistle.

They watched as a tall blond draped herself against him and he shifted his gaze away. Millar felt the rip of disappointment and dipped her head. Not for him, she thought. Guys like that were not for her. He was a god. She was a mere mortal. She turned and pushed into her group keeping her back to him. Someone handed her a beer and tapped her bottle in cheers.

Words = 953

Assignments are due by the end of the day Sunday. Please put part one, two and three into one static item.

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