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starting around chapter 4
Why was it found now Annette? She shook her shoulders as if to say hell if I know. Nancy just said it was found under the filing cabinet at your old desk. I have one thing to say it sure is dusty, must have been there for months. Guess I have been right all along that the corner needed to be cleaned up. Even with Annette’s smug attitude directed towards me I still felt so glad that Nancy called me to come back by to pick this up. I won’t miss the smug attitude of my favorite co-worker Annette that is for sure.
Waving my goodbyes for a second time to many friends I had made while working at the firm I wiped away my tears and loaded back up in the very large moving truck. Now more importantly what was in this unopened letter from my husband’s father? It was a certified letter postmarked 4 months ago! Wow this is crazy.

Now let’s get going and find our way back to Texas because this letter has been unopened now for 4 months so I can open this letter later tonight when we stop for the night. The bumps in this big truck is awful so hold on we will swing on the freeway and set the cruise. Now for some good tunes like Tim McGraw. Jessie lets burn up some highway hope your brother can keep up.

I love driving towards the mountains and around the foothills even though this truck gets a little cranky climbing the hills with the weight of all of our belongs. It’s hard to believe that twenty years of our life or should I say my life now inside a U-Haul. Being widow doesn't come easy it gets my emotions flip floppy. It is our life in this truck except you have left me with all this to do by myself.

James you left this earth without even a little simple goodbye! You didn't even come to me in the spirit. Which would of course scared the holy Hell out of me. So I guess I am relieved that you didn't just appear to me because you know I am scared of ghost; but don't you want come to me in my dreams? Dimmit I miss you so much James do you hear me? I hold these tears back every day going on with my life trying to keep our kids happy and fill this void of not having a father in their lives.
It’s crazy we talked about what life would be like if you were to die after we watched the movie Titanic. We both cried and held each other and you made me promise I would find someone else right away if you were to die first I held you hard and begged you to stop talking about the idea of not having you in my life. You pulled me eye to eye with you and yours filled with deep pain and tears you said Jamie you’re a woman with so much love to give. You are so amazing and I want you to never be alone and without someone to hold you and care for you the way I do. Please, Please I beg you promise me right now! I mean it! I have to know that you will promise me. Softly I whisper Yes I promise to you, but please let’s turn off this movie and not talk about this anymore….

“Mom! Mom! What are you thinking about your face looks so serious?” Jessie said looking concerned. Oh I guess I was thinking of all the things that that strange letter could be. I didn’t take time to open it there because I wanted to get on the road so we can make our first part of the trip. When we stop for the night we will all read it together it was something grandpa wanted us to have since he mailed to my work and certified this is really crazy.
Hey look! There is a huge moose on the side of the road! I guess we won’t be seeing that in Texas. Such a beautiful animal. I do believe that is a baby moose on the other side of the fence. I sure love all the wildlife we see here in the mountains.

Chapter 4

Finally the end of a long day driving and swapping drivers and checking the truck and car trailer. A thousand times.
Sleeping family warm motel room slowly sleep eased over my tried and aching muscles. Morning came slowly as my thoughts slipped into panic. It was as if someone or something had waken me up. I now need to find the letter. How did I ever forget about the letter? For 300 miles I imagined its contents. Where is my robe I am going to get that stupid letter and read it? I just need to get this over. It's like I am being pushed to hurry and read but maybe I should before it gets lost again.
The New Mexico morning air is so cold. Whew! This letter is finally going to be opened. The sounds of the traffic whizzing by muffled Jamie's voice as she read the official letter aloud.

To my dear precious Jamie,
You are the first to come to my mind during this time of my preparing my last will and testament.
Being the widow of my oldest son and of course not to mention my deep love and respect I have for you.
No one, in the family knows about this secret part of my inheritance! That will be waiting for you if and when
You decided to come back to Texas. I know you’re a Texas girl from deep down in your heart
And when you and my son relocated up to the mountains. To say the least my heart was broken.

Never mind about that I seem to be rambling. So let me say you’re an amazingly strong woman.
Going on and raising my 4 beautiful grandkids alone as a widow up in Idaho by yourself never a compliant.
You have done very well if I might say so myself.
Your love for life and your sweet smile is what the family loved almost as much as my son did about you.

I could go on and on about the reasons behind why this fortune is being left to you, and that no one else has ever
Known about this except for my darling mother. Who loved your family and told me to never let on to anyone about this family secret.
Now it’s been Six years since I lost mother and I have held this secret safe and secure all this time just as she did.

Now the hard part....... I was told by my heart doctor that my ticker is giving out so he thinks I should get my things in order.
MAN!! Those are hard words to hear at any age. I am sure you are laughing with me right now. You always laughed well with me.

I didn't want you to get lawyer papers till this letter reached you first. So please call his office. It is our normal family attorney.
Just want to mention there is a time limit of one year from my death that he can hold this part out of the estate before
He will have to release this private unknown will. You know how greedy my present wife is if she knew. So you know that keeping this secret ! Secret holdings from my widow and children.
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DON'T DELAY. Once it has been released to them you can never recover this special gift I am leaving you and my sons children,
I know you understand that my mother never liked or approved of my 2nd marriage and the kids with my 2nd wife.
This is why it is all left to you and the kids.

Now I know this will never replace or fill the void of losing the love of your life but please know he would want you to have this.
I love you as one of my own kids and I wish I could be there to see your face and the surprise in your eyes when you find all the notes I have left for you to find. Enjoy life to the fullest and send those kids to the finest colleges around, make us all proud.
I am trusting you will keep our family history alive and well.

We love you. Till we meet again in heaven we will be watching over you.

Love Always,

What is the date oh my gosh I can't even think has it been a year? crap this letter is more then 4 months it was forwarded to my address in Idaho after grandpa's lawyer didn't have my new address it was sent to the old house. kids wake up is today the 21 of March. it is isn't? we have to get going I have to make Texas by tomorrow morning. The letter from grandpa had a huge surprise for us and I am not entirely sure just what that surprise is I first was guessing money but now I am not so sure if or what it is but it is something grandpa and Mamaw wanted us to have. so lets go get that truck and mini van gassed up and get on the road.

Driving with excitement and each of us chattering about the secret and what grandpa had for us. Robby hoped for riches and gold.
Jason he was my reasonable child/Youngman he hoped it was a Bass boat to enjoy with the family. Jessie rambled on and on about grandpa's love of the lakes he lived by so she decided he actually owned the lake he lived by when he was alive. Little Brandy she said she was sure it was a horse for each of us to have our very own. Whew that would be very expensive was all I could think.

Okay everyone stand still so I can snap a picture "Texas State Line"! ya'll look great now lets eat lunch, and I will call the attorney's office to set up a appointment for tomorrow morning.

Hello; This is Jamie Rush I have a letter I received yesterday from my father-in-law James Rush Sr. umm yes I can hold.
Good afternoon sir my name is Jamie Rush. Sir. Sir excuse me your talking so fast I am not sure I am understanding you. Yes as I stated a second ago my father-in-law James Rush Sr. yes sir I am aware he has passed away. Well I am very sorry you have not been able to get in touch with me but I sold my home when my husband died 5 years ago. no I never received your letter as a matter of fact I only received James' letter this past few days as I was preparing to leave Idaho to move back to Texas. Yes sir I agree we can clear all this up when I come to your office tomorrow if you have time to see me. Excuse me where did you say we need to meet tomorrow? Brady, Texas? I thought your office was in Burnet, Texas. Oh I see yes I understand, okay Brady Texas Court House 9:00 am sharp. yes sir, east door, I'll be waiting see you then Mr. Sweeny.

Wow that's a crazy turn of events we are not going to Burnet today we are staying in Brady, Texas tonight. Get the map out Robby where in the holy hell is Brady. Texas! Oops now don't any of you repeat my bad language.

what Brady is in the dead center of Texas! Crazy I never knew Grandpa went there. okay lets get driving set our phones on the path to the great city of Brady, Texas.

The courthouse sits in the middle of down town with traffic running smoothly circled around it which is classic in small town America.
Mr. Sweeny smiled towards me as I approached the entrance. Good morning Mr. Sweeny its a cute little town here, so tell me what am I here. My father-in-law never told me or anyone or should I really say. I have no idea of the nature of this secret estate I have inherited.


Oh my gravy!! what will I do with this all this stuff, the land, the cattle, the oil leases, the huge house, the workers, WOW!
So mom does this mean we are not moving to Burnet, Texas? Robby, yes I have to figure this all out. Lets go stay the night or even the weekend at the house on the place. Mr. Sweeny said the staff has already gotten all the rooms ready for us. Lets go see this place for ourselves. This is exciting.

We will have to take both vehicles since we all won't fit in either one cause we are packed to the gill. So this map says its 39 miles out this farm road, then turn on country road to the left on Tribe road. then 18 miles till we pass the huge green barn on right and turn on the private ranch road Rush Ranch entry. Then go 10 miles and the ranch house can be seen across the meadow take the first driveway.
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