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What's acting.
Since I was 4, in responding to the question: “What would you be when you will be older?", my answer was: the actress and the singer. Then if being a singer can be more realistic, the job of the actress appears unreal. But, you know, those have always been my passions. I still remember when I was at the elementary school, always looking forward the Christmas musical and how I was angry when teachers gave me just few lines because of my being shy.

Then, if you are not interested in it or you have never tried, my answer could seem superficial like: "I wanna be a superstar, I wanna be famous!" (ok, yes..that would be great but that's not my aim). I think that is more than being famous. That's ART, in other words, an expression of feelings that you want the other people to feel. Communicate something to the audience.

One of the first actors is believed to be an ancient Greek called Thespis of Icaria. An apocryphal story says that Thespis stepped out of the dithyrambic chorus (which used to narrate) and spoke to them as a separate character. That's how the figure of actor was born.

Acting requires a wide range of skills, including vocal projection, clarity of speech, physical expressivity, emotional facility and well-developed imagination. That means that for being a good actor you also need to be more sensitive than the others.

Then, many people think that this kind of art is stupid, and as I said, that if you want to work in that world, you just want to be rich. They think that it's not a real job and that’s because we use to call something that we like doing “hobby” and, otherwise, something that makes us feel stressed and that takes so much effort, work. But, think about it. Let’s take for example a writer and a farmer and make them work for the same amount of hours: What will it be the first thing that a “normal person” thinks after having read the example? He will surely start telling me that I’m mad because I can't compare the two figures clearly different from each other. In his thoughts, he will be sure that a writer is less important than a farmer because the effort is less than that one exercised by the farmer. Then the writer’s life can be more comfortable: he can be sit all  the time with the A/C on during the summer or be sit in front of a fire in winter. Otherwise a farmer has to work in the open air even if it’s raining or snowing or the sun is so hot that he is going to melt. Then yes, I can be agree with that because I know that the work of a farmer is stressful and it takes so much energy, but coming back to my example, we have to think about the aim of the two figures . So, what’s their aim? To earn. Both of them want to earn and how the farmer will get money from his agricultural production, the writer will get them from his romance. “A work has to be paid”. That’s a sentence that we usually hear. Since you are young, your parents tell you that if you do something for them like cleaning your room, you will get something. So, why do we think that a writer is “less important”  than a farmer? The same happens with the actor. But, if you think that being an actor is stupid, why are you keeping going to the cinema or watching tv or.. why do you still have a tv?

I think that everybody who tries to give less importance to the arts is just ignorant. I do not want to offend anybody, but unfortunately there are so many people who believe to know everything about everything and at least they don’t even know what’s behind the realization of a movie or a romance. Everything seems to be easy, but if a person doesn’t have a base of ideas that needs to communicate something to himself as well as to his audience, he won’t ever be able to create anything. Nevertheless, many people think that be an actor as well a writer, is easy but just because there's this stereotype that be an artist means have a good life, be rich and famous and live at the expense of those who works hard every day.

In the end, I want to add that if everybody makes of their hobby their job, they will do it better, caring more about every single detail. And that's because they will be really interested in it. So, let's make of your own passion, your job!
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