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Description of the painting "Antibes seen from La Salis" by Claude Monet
After a long day spent walking around Antibes, I decided to stop and chill on the beach of “La Salis”. From here, everything it's so beautiful that even the world itself appears much better than what it is. High trees and bushes stand around me, each of those has different colors: yellow and blue are the predominant (especially in the tree situated just next to me), followed by little shades of white, green and red. Then, I have an awesome view in front of me: the town of Antibes with its beautiful mountains in the background. The buildings are painted with a light white that creates a great contrast with the red of the roofs. Behind them, high mountains seem to be there just to create a shield which keeps evil away. Between me and that paradise there’s just the sea. I like dipping my feet in that colorful water, even if it’s cold. But the thing that I like the most is lying on the green grass looking at the sky. The colors are so beautiful. Shades of white, blue and green paint the sky which is reflected on the water. The fresh air and the chirping of the birds are the clues that make me realize the purity of this place. Although is almost gone, summer is still in the air, indeed you can smell a floral perfume. Otherwise the smell of the shallows yellow leaves reminds you that autumn is coming. I don't even know how to explain how I feel. Lying on the grass with your eyes closed is the best way to admire everything. You can hear many different sounds: from the chirping of the birds to the walking of the ants or the moving of the waves. Then the fresh air with its different smells touches your face making you feel like you are in paradise. And even if the air sometimes is a little bit cold, with the heat of the sun is a perfect combination. Every time I close my eyes, I feel free like if I have no more fears, no more worries. I could stay there forever.
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