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His new,uncoordinated web designer didn't instill confidence in her ability to do the job.

Sarah and Sullivan sat at the small dining room table drinking their coffee in oversized mugs.  Red and yellow ones today.  Sarah’s breakfast consisted of an English muffin with butter.  Sullivan just drank her coffee.    Both girls were night owls, so their two employees, Conner and RoseLee didn’t come in until noon.  On the flipside of that, it meant the earliest they got to go home was eight.

Sullivan looked at the cat clock with the large moving eyes and swishing tail, checking the time.  Almost eleven and neither of them had taken a shower yet.

“Alright, Sarah.” Sullivan chirped up “I’ll flip you for first shower.”

Sarah laughed, “I’d like to see you flip me. “

“You know what I mean” she tossed her a disgusted look, then ruined it by dissolving into a fit of giggles.

“Ok, ok, it was a bad joke.  You were looking so serious like though.”  Sarah explained to her sister.  “I just couldn’t resist it.  Go ahead and take the shower, I had one last night.”

Sullivan picked up her coffee and headed to the bathroom they shared in the four bedroom home.  Where the dining room was Spartan thanks to Sullivan’s influence, the bathroom was a hodgepodge of bears and butterflies against a lavender background.  The mirror took up one whole wall and had been installed the week after the girls moved into the house.  She looked at the clock in here,  a butterfly one of course,  and saw that she had been dawdling for about 15 min.  She quickly divested herself of her clothes and jumped into the shower.

In the kitchen, Sarah looked at the plain, stark white walls and wrinkled up her little button nose. As much as Sully hated the bathroom, Sarah hated the kitchen.  It was all stainless steel and white.  Even all their utensils were silver.  The walls were bare of pictures and

She had tried to add little touches of color, in red curtains and colorful magnets on the fridge.  Sully threw a fit. If she couldn’t change anything in the bathroom then Sarah couldn’t change anything in the kitchen.  Sarah got around her ultra-minimalist sister though.  The dishes she bought were colorful, and the coffee cups were every color of the rainbow. 

Their first conversation over breakfast was Sully simply lifting her oversized coffee mug up in silent salute.  She knew her big sis had outsmarted her on this.  The Colorful dishes would be behind closed doors.  They would be used in the small dining room; a room they had decided would be simple yet colorful.  And they had done a fairly good job of it in the dining room.

They tried in the living room, but it ended up being more Sarah’s style then Sully’s .  Sully didn’t mind, it kept clients happy while they waited.  The couches were oversized and black. Six pillows in royal purple, deep blue, and bright pink thrown on it haphazardly.  The chairs were the same style with bright lime green, bright yellow, and bright aqua.  On the black metal and glass end table and coffee table sat various knick-knacks.  Sarah had picked up on her travels around the world.

She went to her bedroom door, the purple door; Sully’s was further down the hallway, and black. The yellow door was to Conner and Sarah’s office.  The blue door led to Sully and RoseLee’s office.  She was quick to change into her normal Tuesday business attire for her afternoon out in the field meeting clients.  The moment she had opened her eyes this morning she knew that today was different.  How she had no idea, she just knew her life was going to charge somehow today.

Like a flash Sully streaked across the room and headed straight to the door of her room, Sarah’s laughter following her down the hall, into her room until she shut the door.  Today she was helping a young mom go through kids’ rooms.  She threw on red jeans and dark blue ‘I hate Mondays’ Garfield T-Shirt.    Everyone thought Sully had the easy job of the four of them.  She didn’t, some days were worse than when she worked at her friend Gregs  garage in AZ.  She was sure today and tomorrow were going to be that type of day.  Forgetting her clothes in her room when she had to go all the way across the dining room and living room and risk clients seeing her, was karma’s way of telling her to get ready for the day. Her sister had not heard her screaming and her phone was also in her room.

She threw on a pair of metallic gold tights and her cut up see thru jeans on over top of them.  Her plaid, cotton, long sleeved peasant blouse went great together.  She did a quick swipe of makeup, finger combed her wavy, light brown hair and put a headband on to keep her hair in place.

She was opening the door on her way out as Conner was walking in “Later Gatars.  I’ll be back late, Sarah.  Don’t wait dinner on me.”

“Mmm…kkk…., Sully.  Catch ya on the flip side doll!” Sully’s tinkling laughter carried through the house long after she drove off

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