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Oh no! Not Christmas :(
The time is upon us,
Greed and wealth reign.
The poor are forgotten,
Posh toffs are all rotten.
Decorating lifeless trees,
Wrapping useless gifts.
Enough is eaten for two weeks,
While childrenn elsewhere are so meek.
A fat old man coming down the chimney,
We turn the other cheek.
Drag Queens booked out all the time,
Dressed up ready for pantomime.
The actors up on stage,
Bursting out the excitement gauge.
Behind the scenes, cigarettes they stub,
"We just want to go to the pub."
Christmas is a hard time for us,
With the dreadful job cuts.
Time to face the in- laws, cringe,
I have to deal with the fringe.
Wish me luck with the mugs,
I think I'll need it, Baa Humbug!
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