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Daily fiction contest entry.
"I found it in the woods."
The boys gathered around and peered down into Annabelle's hands.
"What is it exactly?" Ralphie asked readying his hand to poke at the small brown mass.
Annabelle pulled it back to her protectively. She glared at Ralphie saying, "Its a whomble."
"What? You made that up. There is no such thing." Ralphie countered.
"A whomble is real. They are rare.."
A smaller boy reached out and touched the soft fur. He gasped when it shifted and unfolded itself.
"Wow." the other boys whispered as they took a step back to give the creature room.
"Womple. What an idiotic name." Ralphie slurred sarcastically.
"A Whomble."
Ralphie let out a grating laugh. None of the others joined him. They watched the creature stretch out its wings and turned its sapphire eyes towards Ralphie.
"You'd best stop, Ralphie. I’m thinking..." Annabelle began.
The whomble leap straight for Ralphie's face latching onto his prominent nose. His scream ripped out. The other boys scattered, running off to hide. Only Annabelle stayed where she was.
"All you have to do is apologize." She told him calmly.
"Not bloody likely..." Ralphie yelled then squealed louder when the whomble grasped tighter.
"Do it or he'll take it off." Annabelle called back.
This time he believed her, and grumbled, "Sorry/"
The creature released Ralphie's nose and moved back to Annabelle. It gazed up at her and she swore it winked when she reached to gather him up.
She bit back the smile as the creature folded his wings back in and settled into her warmth.
She glanced at Ralphie who held his nose. Blood flowed through his fingers.
"You'll need to get that looked at." She told him. When he glared at her.
"I'd advise saying nothing you may regret."

Word count = 297.
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