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The culminating love scene...
Romantica - Week #6 - February 2 to 8, 2015

Assignment 6:
Write that love scene, 3000 word count limit. Switch point of views midway like last lesson, it doesn't matter which character starts and ends at this point. Concentrate on sensations they experience while they are together in the moment. Be mindful of the range and depth of their feelings and use that to bring your reader closer to your characters. Hit upon their wishes and dreams, and where they want to go with each other from this moment forward. It doesn’t need to be all wrapped up nice and tidy, but the word count should be enough to leave little trails of more to come. My hope is that each of you has enough to put your lessons together into one sensational read. Since I’ve read everything so far, I will say that each of you have surpassed my expectations when it came to this class. I thank you all so much for your hard work, your wonderful characters and their journeys, and all of the feedback you’ve given throughout this process. It has been worthwhile for me. If in the future you turn these assignments into longer stories, I’d love to catch up and see where you take your characters, so please feel free to link me.
Assignments due Sunday.

The thrill of being on the bike sent an awareness through her with such a force she tightened her grip around Garrison's waist. She felt the motor bike slow down, his response to her. She relaxed and lifted a gloved hand to give him a thumbs up and an upward pump to let him know he could go faster. His helmet nodded and the bike sped up again. A laugh bubbled up out of her and she let it out into the roaring wind around her. Her arms felt the vibration of Garrison's chuckle. She could not peel the smile from her face if she wanted to.

He drove them around the highway and into the park on the other side of the island. It was not until they got to Black Brook Beach that he slowed and pulled off onto the gravel that would take them to one of the best beaches in the area. The trails were also a challenge and the views out into the ocean and along the coast line were breathtaking. This was one of Millar's favourite places and she could hardly wait to show Garrison around.

Garrison turned off the huge engine and let the world slip back in as he took off his helmet.

"Wow. This is impressive." he said with a touch of awe in his wind roughened voice.

He moved off the bike with a grace, Millar could only appreciate. She was still stradling the bike, still unable to move. Garrison smiled down at her as he slipped off his gloves and pocketted them in his jacket. He undid his leather jacket, then reached to smooth his strong hands over her vibrating thighs. A tremble rippled up her spine at his touch and his knowing smile deepened and his eyes danced.

"You good to get off?" he asked.

Millar smiled and placed her hands on his. Her eyes held his.

He reached up and undid her helmet slipping it from her head. His eyes darkened with desire as he watched her reach up to run her hands through her flattened strands. She was a beautiful as the surroundings and he could not look away. He was glad he was standing as his groin tightened just watching her.

"Could you help me off?" she asked after a moment, blushing at his watchful gaze.

He nodded and blew out a breath to help his regain his equilibrium. He reached for her waist and lifted her with ease as she brought her leg around. When he set her on the ground he held on as she swayed into him.

"Whoa. I didn't expect not to be able to stand...."

"You'll get your bearings, not to worry. Do you want to hit the beach first or the trails?" He shifted his gaze to the stretch of sand that looked almost deserted. Being a Tuesday and still early in the season, it was still pretty deserted in this area.

"If I can walk I'd prefer to take you on the trails. We can take the picnic lunch and eat it on top of the hill... the views are wonderful. I want you to see."

Garrison chuckled, "You'll be able to walk just fine. You sure you want us to take it all the way up there?"

"Oh, yes..." she averted her gaze to the hill, but not before Garrison caught a brief flash of her blush. "It will be even more secluded up there..."

"What do you have in mind?" he asked raising a brow, then chuckling when she did not look back at him. "Are you planning on having your way with me, Ms. Campbell."

She looked back at his and gave him a seductive smile, "what if I am, Mr.Clark. Could you handle it?"

"Most definitely... I'd carry you if need be..."

She laughed then and the sound tightened his body in the most pleasurable of ways. He loved her laugh. Open and free with sensuousness all its own. It got to him every time.

Having found her footing she undid her leather jacket and moved to get the picnic basket she and her grandmother had stuffed with all kinds of goodies.

Garrison moved to take it from her and gestured for her to lead the way. When she moved off, his eyes roamed down to watch her toned ass move and it was not until she looked back to see if he was coming that he finally took steps to follow her.

"Just appreciating the view." he told her. Her responsive laugh set another welcome tightening through his body. He could hardly wait to make it to the top of the hill.

Hill, the terrain was rough and steep, but like she said, the view was incredible. Millar took to the landscape like a trouper. This was her home and she traversed the path like it was nothing. Garrison was glad he was in great shape because he found himself stopping to catch his breath, claiming he was checking out the view.

The top was a patchwork of Canadian Shield breaking through the surface. Moss and a few new trees spotted around the rocky landscape. Millar skipped ahead jumping from rock to rock like she was born to it.

Garrison watched laughing at the lightness that seemed to follow her. He moved forward after her, but taking the pace far slower.
"All the new growth here is what comes after a forest fire has ripped through the area. It is really coming along now." She told him when he caught up to her. "We can eat over there..." she pointed, "there is a wonderful view of the waves breaking in and...." lowering her voice she added, "and it is a little more secluded."

"Oh, I like secluded." He was only too happy to follow her over to the spot she had pointed out.

While he held the basket, she laid out the blanket for them to sit on. He enjoyed the stretching and grace of her movements. When she bent to lay out the blanket and smooth out the surface, he drew in a breath to slow the rapid beat of his heart. Done, she turned and looked over at him, ramping up his heart beat again with the sultriness of her smile. He set the basket down and moved to pull her into his arms. She went easily giving him a seductively sweet moan that revved his system into high gear.

Behind them the waves crashed and broke on the rocks below. Inside, Garrison felt his own blood surge and his body thrum. He wanted nothing more than to hold her... skin to skin, if at all possible. When he tipped his head to taste her lips, he knew a gentle kiss would not do, he needed to possess her. The kiss sizzled and he plundered his tongue in to tangle with hers. She tasted of minty freshness. The floral scent of her shampoo and the musk of her perfume enveloped him and he skimmed his hands up her back and into her long golden tresses. When her hands wrapped around his neck and she pressed herself into him, he groaned like a man starving and wanting more, so much more.

Everywhere Garrison's hands touched seemed to sear a path of possession. Millar feasted on his desire as it sparked her own. The hard, strong strength of him left her weak kneed and wanting. For weeks he had played the attentive boyfriend, yet he had kept a careful distance with her grandmother watching. But now, in this secluded spot the flame ignited and she heard herself moan and whisper his name with an urgency that surprised her. His kisses blazed a trail along her jaw line and when he flicked his tongue on the sensitive spot behind her ear she almost melted to the ground. Had he not had a firm grip on her body she surely would have fallen.

He eased them down onto the blanket as he resumed kissing her lips and devouring her mouth. She savoured each sizzling touch. When his hands moved to the buttons of her blouse, she moaned and arched into him urging him to hurry. She wanted his hands on her. Wanted his touch and his lips to find their way around her body. Already he was lowering his head to follow the release of each button. She trembled with anticipation.

Her own hands moved to his t-shirt and yanked to pull it free to run her hands across the hard planes of him. When she managed to touch his solid abs he sucked in a breath, then blew it out over the nipple he had released from her bra. A flick of his tongue and gentle breath over the rosy tip had her straining for more contact.

He reached around and undid the clasp loosening the bra so that he could gain access to both her taunt breasts. She arched further and whispered his name in desperation. Chuckling he made sweet work teasing and tasting her breasts with his tongue, touch and breath.
She slid her hands up his abs then down following his line of chest hair as it dipped into his jeans. She popped the top button and lowered her hand to cradle his throbbing erection.

He moaned her name and she felt the thrill of power surge through her. Slowly, she focused on lowering his zipper and guiding her fingers along the ridge of him.

He hissed out a breath and reached down to clasp her wrist. In a voice thick with arousal he said, "If you do anymore of that I am bound to loose it...."

He drew her hand back up to his chest holding it there as he kissed her soundly; slow and sensual until she moaned. When he moved down her body again she watched him kiss her all the way to the waistband of her jeans then sit up to undo them.
"You're wearing too many clothes." she whispered breathlessly.

He grinned and stripped the shirt from his broad shoulders. She smiled and admired the view reaching out, but he shook his head. Looking down he returned to her jeans working them off her long legs. When he had her bared to him he took a moment to admire the sight, then shifting her legs open he moved between them. She trembled watching him. He glanced up and gave her a wicked grin before dipping down to run his tongue and teeth over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

A moan of desire ripped though her as his hands glided up her calves, over her thighs and hovered over the precipice of her sex. She held her breath.

When he stroked his thumb across her clitoris she almost went up in flames.

"So gloriously wet...." he whispered huskily; his breath stoking the flames higher.

She was coiled tight. It would not take much to send her over the edge. He flicked his tongue over her sensitive peak and she moaned thrusting her hips up.

"Please." she moaned.

"Well, since you asked so nicely...." he moved to taste and savour the essence of her. As soon as his mouth cupped her, she burst. Seeing the colours so vibrantly as her body spun and shattered beneath his ministrations.

She was lost.

When the pieces found each other and made an attempt to reform, Millar opened her eyes to find Garrison posed over her smiling rather pleased with himself.

"I want you inside me." Millar begged.

Only too happy to oblige, he plunged deep and their combined moans rose up and mixed with the thundering sea. Millar wrapped her legs around his hips and pressed herself up into him wanting more. He withdrew and thrust again before they found a rhythm that had the world shrinking and expanding all within a matter of moments. When she shattered a second time he followed her over, calling her name with a ferocity that proclaimed her his.

When there breathing settled and they were able to move, Garrison shifted slightly so that his weight was not so fully on her. He leaned his forehead against hers and smiled weakly triumphant.

"You're mine now, Millar Campbell."

"Am I now?"

"Most assuredly."

"And you are mine as well."

"Oh, yes. Most definitely."

He leaned in to kiss her tenderly. At first a brushing of lips, then a flick of his tongue across her kiss swollen lips. "I love you." he whispered.

Tears welled in her eyes as she peered into the clear honesty his eyes revealed, "I love you, too." she whispered back.

He kissed her again, only this time their lips deepened the kiss.

When he broke the kiss, he said rather huskily, "We need to eat.... If you are going to do that to me again, I am going to need some sustenance."

Chuckling she slowly released her legs from his hips and he rolled, taking her with him. When he slipped out of her she moaned at the lost but he kissed her and smiled as he brushed a lock of hair out of her eyes.

"Food." he reminded her and she nodded.

Before they ate they pulled their clothes back into place. Garrison left his shirt off and though Millar's shirt was on, it was not done up.

It was many hours before they made it down to explore the beach.

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