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% different Book reviews for the month of February 2015
February Reviews

1. Shadowlight Saga, Book One: Bonded by Mande Matthews ( From the collection of fantasy e books called Epic; found on Amazon)

Mande Matthews has combined adventure, friendship, ballads, and mystery to create a fantasy adventure.  The story centers around Hallad Avarson and his young friends.  Some of the characters are humans, dwarfs, story tellers, a batch of new geography, wolves, and a particularly fun polecat named White foot.

The young people in this story are finding new talents they were not aware they possessed. Learning to use those talents is part of the adventure of growing up.

One of the characters Rolf, has values no one recognizes because of his youth. He has always been a story teller but now he has learned to sing in a new way. "Edging forward, Erik strained to hear his brother and the songvari, their voices blending in a perfect complement to one another."

Are your dreams just sleep entertainment or do you walk in the shadow land when you close your eyes?   

2. HOMEGROWN TEA by Cassie Liversidge (nonfiction:  "An Illustrated Guide to Planting, Harvesting, and Blending Teas and Tisanes")

In spite of the mountains of snow in the yard a new planting season is just a few warn days away.  "All tea--white, green, oolong, or black--is made from one plant, Camellia sinensis."  The growing of tea has wandered from China to Japan and now to everywhere.  This Guide will show individuals how to grow their own plants.  It gives out a history of tea and tisanes.

Other types of tea or infusions brewed with flower petals or herbs are called tisanes.  So the reader will find facts about brewing these kinds of drinks as well as tea.

Plant advice about leaves, fruits, seeds, flowers, roots etc. are found described in this manuscript.There is an index of plants and a Quick Plant Reference Chart. You can find a list of plant and seed suppliers by country. 
Planting and rooting directions in the book are important inserts of knowledge. If you are interested in growing tea now is the time to order your plants.  Think Spring!!

3. Homegrown Herb Garden (A Guide to Growing and Culinary Uses)  by Lisa Baker Morgan and Ann McCormick (A kindle library book from Overdrive)

In the first section " In the Garden, You will learn when to plant, where to plant, how and when to harvest your herbs " and other needed knowledge. This section covers "15 different herbs." Each herb is covered with pictures and  numerous special details.

The second section is called, In The Kitchen. There are some great recipes here that should extend the herbal knowledge for a developing cook.  The Avocado Guacamole sounds special.  Other cooking tips extend to the use of each herb and how it will blend with fish, beef, beets, and many others.

Included in the sections for  each herb is a HOW TO USE section. For instance: "Tarragon is typically added toward the end of cooking to preserve its fresh flavor." There is a French recipe for potato salad. It shows the difference between the flavors of a USA recipe and a French recipe which uses Tarragon.

Also included in the book are pictures of each herb illustrating how to prepare them and which parts of the fresh herb are used. If you cook with herbs this book would certainly find a home on your cooking or gardening book shelf.

4. Calico Joe by John Grisham (an Overdrive library kindle book)

This is a story about the game of baseball. "It began quietly enough with a pulled hamstring."  Although this is fiction it reads like a true story. It sounded so true to this reader that I looked it up on the internet. The information I found gave this reader a new appreciation for the skills of the author.  I found others who were also looking to see if this was historical.  If you appreciate baseball you will recognize the lingo of the game. The background for the story rings accurately as a way to pinpoint events.

It is a mystery and the writer leads you into a guessing game as to how it will end. It is also a story about people, sociology and growing up to find your own space and way of living.   

5. Aunt Dimity & the Wishing Well by Nancy Atherton (A Library audio book from Overdrive)

The story starts with rain and a funeral.  It introduces some new characters to the series.  And! gives the main character, Laurie, some special new surprises.

The village of Finch is the setting for this story.  In the start of any Aunt Dimity story Laurie always introduces  the characters who live in Finch.  Like all villages you have to separate gossip from truth. The mystery unfolds as each character is described and takes his or her place in the story.

"Miranda's neighbors were accustom to her little ways." Each character in Finch has a special place to play as the story unfolds.  Aunt Dimity proves to be a part of the village life as she helps Laurie solve the mystery. If you have never read an Aunt Dimity story be prepared for a new type of character. Dimity is not only unusual she is one of her kind.

There is romance, scary stuff, ecology, nature, and beauty in this amusing book.

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