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Romance and erotica in an scene that involves a little bondage and treats.
Garrison took her hand and guided her from the restaurant’s lounge. He moved towards the stairway leading up to the guest rooms. Millar tugged on his hand to stop him and when he turned to look at her she gave him a questioning glance.

Leaning in to her ear he whispered,“I rented us a room. I needed to be with you tonight.”

Millar’s eyes grew wide, but glittered with mischievous pleasure.

“I have enjoyed our outdoor adventures... but I want you in a bed, my bed. I also want you all night... not just for a few captured hours. Your village is just too tiny to hide our....”

Millar giggled as his last words stumbled over each other.

Living in a village made it difficult to enjoy each other. Living with her grandmother did not make it prudent to carry on and Garrison’s living arrangements were not much better as he was renting a room from Mr. McCarthy, the vet.

She nodded her acceptance of his plan and then giggled when they dashed up the steps to the room. At the door he fumbled with the key and was momentarily stalled when Millar reached around and cupped her hand over the growing bulge in his jeans.

When he managed to get the door unlocked and opened she shoved him in.

“A little eager are we?” he laughed pulling her towards him to kiss her quickly. His hands skimmed up her arms and played with zipper at her back. With an intake of breath to steady his already racing heart, he began to pull the zipper down. His fingers followed along enjoying the satin softness of her skin. As the zipper lowered he realized she wore no bra and his blood quickened. She wore little under the lacy fabric. When the zipper was all the way down Millar dipped her shoulders and let the dress drift off and fall into a puddle at her feet.

Garrison shifted back to enjoy the view. She wore only a scrap of red satin thong.

“I am almost thinking you were planning...” his words were stopped by Millar’s finger on his lips.

She moved back and let her hands drift up her body to cup her breasts. Garrison followed the trail. Seeing her aroused nipples had him licking his lips in anticipation. She let her hands pass down over her stomach and she smiled as she watched his eyes follow the path. She caught the bit of satin and with a shimmy wriggled out of the scrap and stood naked before him.

“God, Millar. You are so beautiful.”

He moved to touch her, but she stopped him with a raised hand to his chest. “You are over dressed.”

He continued to stroke her body with his searing gaze as he raised his hands to unbutton his shirt. He had only managed to strip out of the shirt and flip open the top button of his jeans before she lunged at him. He caught her and wrapped her legs over his hips. He shifted back so that she was pressed back against the door. She sucked in a breath when the cool wood pressed into her heated flesh.
Millar moaned at the assault of his lips on hers. He tasted of Guinness, dark and heavy. The scent of him filled her with a longing that seemed unable to be denied.

He broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against hers. There breathing ragged and heavy.

“I have plans,” he told her. His voice was rough and ragged, “I’ve been planning this... but you’ll need to trust me.”

"Oh, I do." she told him.


"Yes, completely."

He smiled that smile that melted her senses leaving her quivering with need. A tremble rippled across her sensitized skin. Anticipation pebbled her flesh. Her nipples tightened further and she shifted against him to rub them against the dark hair on his chest.

"I want to touch you," she moaned as he carried her across to the bed. Lying down with her he gathered her wrists and pulled them over her head.

"Oh, I know you do," he whispered against her ear sending another ripple of anticipation through her. He chuckled lightly as his mind wandered back to what she had done with her touches the night before. The memories alone were enough for his shaft to harded even more. Even with the top button of his jeans undone the pressure was starting to build.

"I want you at my mercy," he told her with another husky whisper against her ear. He felt a powerful thrill as she nodded her obedience and trembled as his tongue ran along the outer cusp of her ear.

With his free hand he reached across the bed and grabbed one of the silky scarves he had bought for her that afternoon. He dragged the material up along her upward stretched arms watching the skin pebble with anticipated pleasure. Slowly he wrapped it around her wrists binding them snugly, but not too tight. She moaned at the bonds and tested them to see if she could escape.

Garrison smiled shaking his head at her, "You're mine, Miss Campbell. Mine to have my wicked ways with..."

"Please..." she begged trying to rock her hips up against him.

"We may just have to tie your legs as well," he said shifting his weight off of her lush curves. The firelight cast shadows across her skin and he stopped to admire the view. His hand drifted over to cup her breast and stroke his thumb over her aroused nipple. Millar drew in a breath and whimpered as she arched for more.

"Garrison..." she whispered desperately when he moved his hand away.

He chuckled as he moved to gather the other two scarves. The silky fabric was cool along her fevered skin. Garrison let the fabric drift over her body as he knelt beside her holding it above her so it tickled as it traced her breasts. Leaning down he flicked his tongue over her nipple then he blew the fabric with a puff of air so that it fluttered over the peak. Millar moaned and arched up. She writhed before him. He smiled as he did the same to the other nipple before moving the fabric over her taunt stomach and down her leg. The skin pebbled and trembled and he felt his own body tighten in anticipation.

He shifted to wrap the scarf around her ankle then pulled it firmly down so that he was able to secure her to the footboard. When she dragged in a surprised breath he grinned wickedly at her before crawling over her to flutter the silk over her over leg and down to her ankle to secure it as well.

He moved off the bed and stepped back to admire his work. She was exquisite. Spread before him, her skin glowed like shimmering fire as the candle light flickered. He smiled up at her as he watched her watching him. Desire darkened her eyes. His cock throbbed with need and holding her gaze he moved his hand to his jean’s zipper and drew it down with painful slowly. Just as slowly he eased his jeans down and off. His shaft bobbed free straining towards her.

"I am not sure I will survive tasting you before I explode..." crawling up over her, his eyes deepened with desire. "You may need to suck...."

Millar's eyes fastened onto his cock and she licked her lips, "Yes, please," she said breathlessly as he moved over her.

"Suck me hard, Millar. Take all of me." He told her as he pressed his cock to her lips.

Her tongue licked out at the bead of pre cum and he moaned as he lowered himself so she could take him. Her mouth was hot and wet, slick and ready. She swirled her tongue around his cock then sucked him deeper taking all of him. Moaning deliciously as he moved into her. His taste and scent invaded all of her and she could not get enough of him. He pressed in further, then drew out before letting her take him back in slow and steady. Wanting to hold on but unable to...

"I am going to... " he tried to pull out, but she sucked him harder and deeper. He exploded sending his cum into the back of her throat.
When he was able to move and pull himself free she smiled up at him and licked her lips as if it had been the most delicious thing she had ever had.

"You are amazing...." he told her his voice thick and rough. He shifted to take her mouth and feast on the taste of her with his own cum mingled in. It was heady and helped to refuel him.

"I have a surprise for you," he whispered against her lips.

"A surprise?"

A quick brush of lips and he rolled off her and got up from the bed. Millar watched him walk across the room.

"Garrison," she called as she wriggled to free herself, but the bonds held and she flopped her head back in frustration.

When he reappeared beside the bed he held a container of chocolate ice cream. Her favourite.

"I am going to feast on you... and feed you..."

"Oh..." was all she managed as he moved towards her.

She watched eyes wide as he dipped his finger into the ice cream and dropped the frozen chunk into her navel. She gasped as the cold radiated and splintered across her body sending the hot flush running in zipping waves almost sending her over the edge. When his tongue joined the quickly melting chocolate she hummed and arched into his mouth.

"So good." he murmured against her skin and smiled when she took a quick inhalation of breath.

With the coolness still on his tongue her drew a line up to her breasts. He took a moment to pop another dollop of the ice cream into his mouth then suckle her breasts. The sensation of cold and hot mixed and ramped up her senses. She panted with desire not sure how long she could handle the onslaught.

When he tipped his chocolate filled mouth down to her inner thighs she moaned then held her breath as he slowly edged up and blew against the wetness that was pooling at her sex.

"Please...." she moaned arching, hoping for him to take her.

He chuckled, "You want me to taste you?" he asked.

"Oh, my God. Garrison, yes... Please." she begged in breathy pants.

As soon as his hot breath feathered the hair of her mons she was already strung tighter than she had ever thought possible. She began to moan for release begging Garrison to take her. When his mouth closed over her clit and flicked it once, twice, a third time... she exploded skyrocketing into a cacophony of fireworks that lead her over into a vortex of pleasure.

When she came back into her body she felt like a mush of melted bones and tissue. No substance. She opened her eyes to peer up at Garrison who was smiling down into her eyes. She smiled back unable to do anything else. He pressed a spoon of chocolate ice cream to her lips.

"I think you might need some sustenance."

Unable to speak, she merely opened her mouth and let the icy cold seep over her lips and tongue. Chocolate exploded into her senses. She closed her eyes and let the sensations swirl. It mingled with Garrison’s scent filling her and wrapping around her seductively. She felt both weak and aroused all at the same time. She longed to touch him but the fabric, though soft, was like the bands of strong steel.

When she swallowed, he moved to kiss her. Tenderly at first, a brushing of lips and then he deepened the kiss pressing his tongue along the crease of her lips and when she opened to him he thrust in to savour the chocolateness of her. They both moaned at the taste as their senses began to build.

Garrison’s hands played lightly along her body. He started by cupping her face as he deepened the kiss, then roving down to ever so slowly hover over her breasts. Millar arched up and he lightly trailed his fingers over her taunt nipples. When she moaned, he trailed his lips along her jaw and down her throat. She arched further and he suckled first one nipple and then the other before trailing further down over her stomach to settle between her thighs.

“Garrison.” she moaned desperate to have him.

He grinned at the power he held then leaned in so that his tongue could touch and explore her swollen sex. With her legs spread wide she was fully at his mercy. Though she was tied, she was able to writhe making her desires known to him. His own breathing quickened. His engorged cock brushed against her thigh and he pulled in a trembled breath. He was ready to explode. Looking up over her body which bucked and strained for his touch; he pushed one finger into her vagina and stroked her in and out. He rejoiced at her lustful groan. It bolted straight through his body to his hardened cock. When he added another finger he felt her squeeze and begin to ride his hand.

Her cries and moans pleaded with him, “please. Garrison. I need you... inside me. Now. Please.”

He dipped his head to taste her essence once again before he ran his hands down her legs to her ankles. He pulled the ties of the silk free and before she could move, he rose above her and plunged deep within her. Both of them groaned with satisfaction at the joining.
Wriggling her legs, Millar raised them and wrapped them over his hips. She tightened as he continued to thrust into her. Holding him bound to her. Together the heat and fusion of their bodies built. His thrusts quickened and she rose up to meet each of them. His lips searched out and found hers; bruising her with their lustful passion. She met his equally as he reached above her to loosen the bonds at her wrists. He wanted her hands on him.

Freed, she wrapped her arms over his strong shoulders and dug into his flesh leaving marks. He groaned savouring the pain and the pleasure the gouges brought.

As they spiralled upward, Garrison broke the kiss so that they could gasp and draw in breaths that mingled. Millar was the first to spiral over and she called out his name. Garrison hearing his name on her lips tensed and let himself go, shouting her name as he followed her into the great chasm; they were catapulted, linked and locked together. Bound hearts and bodies.

When they emerged from the rapture of sensation, Garrison rolled off her, pulling him with him. They looked deeply into each other’s eyes and smiled.

“God, I love you.” he told her as he leaned forward to brush his lips against hers.

“I love you, too.” she said smiling at him as she let her hand travel over the chest enjoying the wiry feel of his hair along her sensitive palm. When she began to follow the trail of hair lower he grabbed her wrist and pulled it up by his heart. He flattened his palm over hers and smiled into her eyes.

“You are such a wanton woman...”

“Ah, but I am sure you are glad I am your woman.”

“Yes.” He nodded chuckling, “I most certainly am.” With a quick shift he took himself out of her and smiled when she moaned at the loss. She freed her hand from his and rubbed her hand over his muscled arm and back enjoying the feel of his strength and heat.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked.

A giggle trickled over her lips delighting him. “Oh, most definitely. And you?”

“Millar. I can never get enough of you.” He pulled her tighter into him kissing her tenderly.

Millar wrapped her leg over his and her arm skimmed across his chest so that her hand settled over his heart. He covered her hand and let his lips trail to her temple to kiss her there.

“We should sleep,” he told her.

She kissed his chin, whispering, “Yes, I suppose...”

Pulling her into his side he let himself slip into sleep. She smiled warm in the love that glowed like the candle light room. She drifted off, the smile still gracing her lips.

Words = 2771.

This piece won 1st place in the Romantica Final Exam contest. - February 2015
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