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Finding redemption in a second chance.
Stupidity had come around and bit me on the ass. Here, I sat alone. I had let my big mouth run away with me and said something inexcusable. I'd let peer pressure press me into laughing along with the others when I really only wanted to go over and be with her. Now I would need to crawl back on hands and knees and beg for a second chance. I was not even sure if she would give me one.

I had seen my Dad hand over bouquets of flowers to my mother for his many transgressions and she had forgiven him each time, but something about Melanie made me think that was not going to work with her. I was going to have to be more creative.

I decided on writing a poem or maybe even turning it into a song. Singing it publicly would also win me points though I hated to single myself out. But Melanie was so worth it.

So I spent my weekend toying with words and melodies to find something that would reach her.

When Monday came I set myself up in the front hall where everyone was milling about. Melanie was there with her friends. Her eyes avoided mine so I knew this was my only chance. I pulled out my guitar and slung myself into a corner hoping the acoustics would work to my benefit. Then I let the guitar begin to speak for me, playing out a tune that seemed hauntingly sweet. The crowd dimmed and fell silent. I closed my eyes at first, willing my heart to slow down its thundering race and let me find my way. When my voice joined the guitar in a melody that carried over the crowd, I let myself stay in my bubble but when I gained strength to open my eyes, there she was front and center. She was looking at me, hearing my words, hearing my truth and as she listened a tiny smile graced her lips giving me hope.

I let the song swell and felt the beginnings of confidence flow over me. I did not take my eyes off her, though I knew my ex-girlfriend was vying for my attention.

As I sang the last verse of my song, I stood and moved towards her, side stepping my ex and keeping my gaze locked on hers. Her smile deepened and by the time I was right in front of her and the final strum sent my classmates into a frenzy of cheers and clapping I leaned forward and told her I was so sorry.

Her eyes shone with a glittering of unshed tears.

"Please forgive me, Melanie." I said again and was startled by the brushing of her lips against mine.

It was quick, but electric and those that witnessed it rose up another cheer. I smiled down at her.

"I forgive you, Darren Blake... but don't ever do that again."

"What sing?" I teased and she grinned shaking her head.

"Sing. You can do. It was beautiful, but..."

"I won't." I assured her. "You mean too much to me." I shifted the guitar so that it was hanging behind me and pulled her into a hug; one that claimed her as mine.

I was no longer a follower of the crowd. I was breaking new ground and with Melanie I knew great things were in store. I had been granted my second chance and I was not going to blow it.

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Entry for the February 5 to March 5, 2015 competition with the prompt - Second Chances.
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