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A narrative poem, based on a book I want to write someday. About a girl chasing her dream.
A little girl, under the sea
A little girl, reading is she
About a strange thing that she started to love
It’s called the sky and it’s up above
“Nonsense”, says mother, “the sky is just fiction”
“Now be a good girl and forget your addiction”

Now a young woman, under the sea
This brave young woman, determined is she
To prove that her mother told her a lie
She wants it, she’ll do it, she will see the sky
She sneaks into the robot, she starts to escape
They did try to catch her, but it’s already too late

She swims in this beast of clockwork and copper
That sure isn’t ladylike, it sure isn’t proper
She swims and she swims until she’s outrun her foes
Then she pulls the lever and up, up she goes
The way seems so long, the swim like a fight
But she swims and she swims and – she sees a light

She’s breaking through something – the surface, it’s called?
And her swimming upwards comes to a halt
A bright, so bright light, she sees way, way up high
It’s hanging right there, right in the…sky?
She made it! She did it! She’s glad – but perplexed
She has followed her dream, so…now, what comes next?

She’s swimming a bit ‘round the blue waters, and…
Then, there she sees it! She thinks it’s called land?
Her mech climbs out of the water and onto the shore.
The sky is incredible, and now there is more?
She’s walking through the forest, with her hulking machine
There, she finds things she had never seen!

There’s plants and some animals she never knew!
Then, she hears voices, and they belong to
Two men on a clearance, in front of a ship
One’s young, one is old, with his hand on his hip
They seem to be arguing, in quite a stir
But then, the two stop and they look at her
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