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Introducing two different couples. Writing how one of the couples get to their first kiss

Lesson 1

Part 1(word count: 469)

Sonia and Ted Rumsky have been living together for two years. They fell in love with each other pretty much at first sight. They both still act like teenagers in love with their public display of affection and always including the other in everything they do.

Sonia loves how Ted has a secure job and has been able to provide them both with a nice home. She works part time at a retail store and volunteers at the local public library. Recently, Sonia talked to Ted about having a child and he wants to wait because he wants to pay off some of their current debt first and Sonis has agreed to this. She loves how Ted makes her breakfast in bed on his days off from work.

Ted enjoys being able to provide for himself and Sonia, many of his friends have had to pick up a part time job as well as a full time just to make ends meet. Sometimes Sonia does spend too much money, most of the time he does not mind because it makes her so happy. One of his joys is to see the smile on Sonia's face everyday which makes his body feel good.

Jade met Santos on the bus while travelling to visit her mother last month. This meeting gave the six hour bus ride an exciting upside to it, usually she did not take the bus except her car was in the shop. Santos always takes public transportation because he feels there are already enough cars out on the road and he does not want to add anymore pollution to the environment.

Jade is a freelance writer for a number of online magazines. She believes in fate, things happen for a reason and when they click, it makes them seem magical. At first when she met Santos on the bus, she was not too sure about him because he reminded her of her first love Chip in high school which ended badly. As the conversation continued she relaxed and she started to be more into him. In the end she gave him her number and it took one month for him to call her. She has been looking for someone to share her life with and this man may be the one.

Santos fell in love at first sight with Jade. Just watching her on the bus made him feel like a teenager again, he knew in his heart he needed to meet this woman. He changed his seat to the one in front of her, then turned around to start talking with her. The more they talked the more he fell in love with her. He has not had a relationship in a while and was beginning to wonder if there was someone out there for him.

Part 2(word count: 662)

Jade and Santos are going on their first date. They will be meeting where the butterflies gather in the Environment Conservatory, which is a more eco-friendly zoo where animals are treated humanely and are living in a similar condition as they would out in the wild. There are also plants and flowers on display here in the gardens. A beautiful place to have a walk and interact with nature.

Jade is wondering where Santos could be because he is twenty minutes late, she wonders how someone in this day and age can function without a cell phone; she called his home phone three times and getting the machine each time. Taking a deep breath, she realizes, this is the first date and she already has an expectation of this man. She mutters to herself, "I only feel this way because I feel out of control of what happens here." Jade takes a moment to remember that she does not always need to be in control and let life just happen.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees someone coming, waving their long arm and shouting, "Jade! Hi, it is so glad to see you."

He has now reached Jade sitting on the bench and she looks up into those chocolate-brown eyes, saying, "Santos, so glad to see you again."

"I am so sorry, I am late. On the way here, there was someone who had problems with their car and I was helping them." Santos sees a water fountain nearby and realizes how thirsty he is from his walk here. "Excuse me, I need a drink of water. There is a fountain just over there, I will be right back."

Jade watches Santos as he scampers over to the water fountain, it seems everything he does is full of life and vibrancy. She watches his how his ebony black hair keeps falling in his face because of the wind. His tanned muscled body seems to be perfect in every way, at least the parts she can see with his clothes on. Her mind wanders about what he would look like without his clothes on and she can feel herself wanting him. Watching the way his lips are drinking water, wishing that he was drinking her sensitive lips instead. Her body temperature starts rising, reaching into her purse, she grabs a notebook to fan herself. There are many rules that women go by when a first date which seem practical when thinking about them except now while feeling all this emotion throughout her body, practicality is shoved out the window.

Jade walks over to Santos and while he is still drinking from the fountain, she drinks from the fountain as well. Slowly, moving her lips to his for the first time, she can see the surprised look on his face, which is a welcoming look and encourages her to continue. Water is dripping down both their faces while the feeling in Jade urges her to take her tongue licking the water from his lips, slowly at first. She feels the burning passion of desire for this man running through her veins, when their lips meet it is an explosion of desire expands she welcomes it within her. Their lips seem to be made for each other, his lips fitting perfectly on her mouth, she feels alive in this moment.

Santos pulls away looking into Jade's emerald-green eyes and she is looking back into his chocolate-brown eyes, both of them locked into each other in a place of attraction and desire for each other. Jade has never had this kind of experience with anyone else before, they stayed there taking in the depths of each other's soul. The eyes tell a story of each of us, while looking into Santos's eyes, Jade could feel, passion, love, desire, there is also a familiarity about him in this moment which is something she cannot explain at all.

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