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Ted and Sonia try new things and Jade and Santos get between the sheets

Assignment 3

Part 1 (Word Count: 608)

Ted and Sonia have been spending their day off together, hiking on the trails near their home. The sun is shining with a beautiful robin egg blue sky with random spots of snow-white clouds scattered overhead. Walking on an unfamiliar part of the trail the couple walks through some trees, a bush and jumped over a log, to find themselves in a clearing with trees shaped in a circle completely surrounding them except for the small opening they walked through to get there.

Sonia looks at the beauty of the discovery, turns to Ted, saying, “This place is beautiful. Did you know it was here?”

Ted looks back at Sonia with the biggest smile, replying, “No, I didn’t. This place is amazing. Be quiet for a minute, Sonia. Tell me what you hear.”

Sonia pauses, then walks into the middle of the clearing, still listening and not really sure what she is listening to. “I do not hear anything. What do you hear?”

Ted walks toward Sonia, he puts his hand on a thick oak tree near her, replying, “I hear nothing too. Back out on the trail every once in a while you can hear cars, a plane, random noises, except here, there is silence and it feel like we are in tranquility. I love this place.”

“I wonder what type of people come here. This is the perfect spot for some weird voodoo rituals or for a poetry group, or...” Sonia looks at Ted with a grin saying she is up to something, she walks towards him, puts her arms around him and her lips lock together with Ted’s in a passionate embrace. Pulling away, she whispers in his ear, “Or, maybe people come here to have sex. We haven’t done it outside like this before.”

Ted replies, “Are you sure. What if someone sees us?”

“It does not bother me at all. People do worse things all the time in public. Making love should be experienced when we want to. Right now no one is here.”

Ted takes a moment to look at Sonia and all he can think about is taking her clothes off and his mind is made up. Before, Sonia could say anymore, Ted pulls out the blanket they packed for their picnic in the middle of the clearing, he sweeps Sonia off her feet and places her on the blanket lying down. Continuing where they left off with a kiss Ted runs his fingers up her leg, Sonia lets out a squeal of pleasure while she digs her nails into Ted’s back, saying breathlessly, “Ted your fingers are sending vibrations through my body.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

With a smile she replies, “No.”

“Good, because there is more.” He continues to to trail up her thighs and lifting her dress as he goes higher and higher till he finds a pleasure point on her inner thigh. He can feel her body shake with pleasure at his touch, the liquid dripping down her thighs lands on his fingers and he looks Sonia in the eyes licking her scent with his tongue.

Sonia feels like she is gonna explode with the need of wanting Ted inside of her. She pulls at his clothes tearing his shirt in the process which neither one cares at all, loosing each other in the emotions, Ted tries to attend to Sonia, she laughs and says, “Not yet. It is your turn first.”

Ted is naked, lying down on the blanket and Sonia starts to take off her dress, her bra and rips her underwear in excitement.

Part 2

Santos and Jade are starting to get into the stage of hitting the sheets in their relationship. Santos like his women to take control sometimes and usually that does not happen with his relationships, he feels Jade may like to fulfill this role. He always likes to pleasure and give his woman the attention that he feels she deserves. They have not discussed yet about how serious this relationship will be yet and he is worried that he is falling for her very quickly which does not usually happen. When Santos is with a woman, especially when he starts to have sex with her, he is committed to her and wonders if she will feel the same.

Jade feels that her inexperience with men is making her nervous about what he will expect from her. She has been out of her last relationship for six months, which lasted five years and she is ready to be with another man. Not sure if this will be a relationship or something that is falling and at the moment that is not important to her. She has been feeling lonely lately and Santos walked into her life at the right moment. There is a worry of what this new man may expect from her because the emotions are quite intense and enjoyable she would not want anything to ruin this at all.

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