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"I suggest a game of pool." His brow went up at that. "If you win I'll go home with you... if I win..."

"If you win..." he asked tilting his head, that sexy brow still up waiting for my response.

"My choice." I said trying to sound mysterious.

"I think you need to specify the terms before we begin."

I gave a throaty laugh and winked at him, "I want to keep my options open. Depending on the game... I may chose to walk away or...." I met his gaze and let my voice drift off before giving him a sultry smile.

"So there is a possibility...."

I continued to smile as I moved to pick a pool cue and hand him one. He watched me for a beat, then giving a chuckle moved to rack up the balls. When he moved to take the pool cue from me, I brushed up against him as I passed behind him to get into place. His eyes followed me and when I got into position bent over to eye up my shot I wiggled my ass before looking back over my shoulder to see him staring at my ass.

A smile played on my lips as I turned back to take my shot. The crack of balls sent them rolling across the green felt. I watched as a solid coloured ball dropped into the far corner pocket. I called it, turning back to see him nod.

"Impressive." he said gruffly.

As I moved past him to set up my next shot I moved slowly, taking care to swing my hips in a sultry way so that his eyes blazed with interest. I ran my hand over his muscled shoulder enjoying his warmth.

"Getting nervous?" I asked playfully.

"Hell, no... plenty of time to make my moves."

I let out a laugh that I hoped was sultry.

I got myself into position making sure to add the wiggle to distract him and laughed when I heard a groan when I managed to sink my next ball.

I managed to sink one more before missing and giving him his turn. Standing there I made sure to strike a pose that was enticing as I leaned over to pick up my beer. I rubbed the bottle, heavy with condensation along the top of my chest over the crest of my breasts which strained against the tiny snug fitting top I had chosen to wear. When I looked over at Rob, he was bent over to line up his shot, but his eyes were caught on me, my chest really. I swear my nipples hardened at his heated gaze.

He tore his gaze away and managed to make his shot, but just barely. When he straightened, I grinned as I watched him shift himself. That satisfied woman's power flooded me and I flicked my tongue out and licked slowly at the rim of my bottle before taking a sip. I knew he was watching. I could feel his heat.

I looked over at him and smiled silkily.

"You are a minx." He said roughly as he walked toward me.

My breath hitched at the desire I saw in his gaze. I felt pinned to the wall without him even touching me. Just when I thought he would touch, he turned and bent to take his next shot.

Since he was standing right in front of me I reached out and ran my hand over his firm ass just as he was taking his shot.

He swore as his ball went wild, then turned his frustrated gaze back at me. I smiled mischievously.

"That was an unfair move..."

"All's fair in love and war."

"Oh, really." That sexy brow rose again.

My smile deepened and I laughed.

I moved to take my shot on the far side of the table. I focused, bending to get a good look and make the best move. As my mind played with my possible options, I missed his movement. It was not until I felt the hard rigidness against my backside that I pulled in a surprised breath. Before I could move, his hand wrapped around me and cupped my breast. His thumb moved lazily over my aroused nipple.

"All's fair in love and war," he said in a husky whisper. His breath caressed over the cusp of my ear. I trembled and pressed back into his groin. He growled. "So what do you say... do we call it a draw and take this somewhere more private?"

All I could do was nod as I dropped the pool cue on the table and straightened so that his front was pressed up against by back. I turned and he wrapped his arms around me, leaning down to press a searing kiss to my lips. His masculine scent filled my senses engulfing me and my knees weakened.

When he pulled back, he groaned and said, "Let's get the hell out of here." Taking my hand we hurried for the exit.

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