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An entry for the Writer's Cramp
He was running, fear etched on his face. He didn't even bother looking behind him. He was afraid, afraid of what he would see if he looked. He tripped over a rock. A rock, why is there a rock in the middle of the road? He couldn't help but turn around and look. There they were, approaching him at a steady walk as they had been the entire time. They were angry, he scooted backward, trying to get to his feet, but fear, or maybe something else had overtaken him. This couldn't be real, this couldn't be happening. Not to him. His face drained of color as they stood near him.

"You deserve this you know," The girl said, her voice tinged with contempt. She appeared to be ten years old, her dark brown hair was braided. She wore a pair of glasses that made her brown eyes look owlishly large. "How could you do this to us. Were you even thinking of what would happen?"

"You took away our lives, you keep us trapped. All we know is what you taught us." The boy said. He looked older, maybe twelve or thirteen. His voice was indifferent, he didn't care what would happen. "You didn't teach us anything for us to survive this world."

"Now we will be free. You can't stop us, and no one else ever will either. they will never know we are even coming" The last voice was childish, maybe five years old, big blue eyes and that dark red hair that was illuminated by the moon's light. "Goodbye, Grady." The children turn and walk away from him, further down the road. Grady feels relief until he hears the growling. He gets up to run again, but it is too late. The beasts were upon him, shadowy forms that couldn't be called any one animal and they tore him apart. He screamed until they had ripped his throat out.

A woman walks into the office the next morning, swiping her security card. When she gets to the laboratory, she sees her co-worker Grady, with his head on the desk he normally sat at, unmoving. She walked over to set his cup of coffee down. "Grady, time to get up. We have those new tests to run today. Samantha is the strongest. It is amazing considering her young age. Grady?" *she moved over to shake him and he fell over. His face was veined with blue his eyes bulged with fear. Panicked she hit the alarm before she even checked to see if the subjects were still in their quarters. They were gone. They would come after her next. What had they unleashed upon the world?

Word Count: 449

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