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by Jo
Rated: 13+ · Preface · Crime/Gangster · #2042697
384 words - preface about a plan for an FBI case aiming to target government hypnosis
'Forecast's gloomy as hell today' spat the Sal Leroy dimwit on the radio. He was clearly pressing his filthy lips to the recording device, I couldn't understand how the whole population would believe he was worth listening to. Technically they didn't, technically it wasn't their fault they were listening, it's not like they were registering any of his pointless rambling anyway. Twenty minutes listening was all I needed to feel sick and almost demand to exit the highway at the first chance- but this was a road trip with strict rules which had been decided upon stepping into the vehicle. They were to continue driving until bordering the state, not stopping unless it was crucial.

I had toned out Leroy's voice up until that moment, my thoughts too immersed in the convulsions which were occurring in my stomach to remember that lies were being pawned into my ears by satellite. FBI or not, knowing the truth about the government's hypnosis methods wouldn't stop the brainwashing from working on us.
'I'd like to introduce Shell Forgo, the representative of IST international, today she'll be talking to us about how to keep up a healthy frame of mind. Stay tuned for more information folks'.
An advert clicked on, a sad attempt at convincing humans to buy useless kitchen items which often involved the mixing of two utensils to create one. 'More efficient' they said, maybe they were right.
Damn. It was happening again.
My eyes refocused on the cars ahead as I surfaced back to reality. This was the governments way of cheating people into thinking they needed products which were eternally useless from the moment their idea was proposed. This was the governments way of stealing society's money. Not only were the adverts constant, but they were filled with undertones of hypnosis which was set in ways which kept listeners avid and interested in their useless campaigns. The border was 50km away and approaching fast. Our task? Approach the base seeming like innocents, target them from within and then figure out how their hypno-methods were fueled. Back home, assuming we were still alive, we would work on a device to counteract theirs. Our seemingly impossible task was about to go from hours of listening to government spawned lies, to a lie of our own.
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