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by Ashle1
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This is a fragment of Lynaria's life, when she grew up, got married, and became a queen.
Are you alright?-asked Lynaria.
-My Queen, I can't forget that day...it was a true nightmare...-the king said.
Lynaria was caressing her husband.
-But, what happened? What was so awful?-said her, with a gentle tone, for she feared to don't enrage her love more than he is.
-You don't remember? We've lost many men that day. The dragon Ækira was a terrible beast, lurking very close to our kingdom...I sent my bravest and most powerful men, with the most brutal weapons from our time, to beat the beast...but they all burned in the flame of the dragon...then I Faced the creature myself, but I ended up very close to the gates that led to the Underworld...I just barely managed to escape...the Ækira is still alive, planning to destroy this kingdom...and later, the world...
-Yes, I do remember...I just wanted you to talk about this...is good to talk about your anger, your sorrow, you problems...

A short time passed, with both of them remaining silent, then Lynaria begun her sentences:
-Let me try...
-No I won't let you die in the claws of that beast!
-Is not always about swords, axes, struggles and battles.
-No! I can't let you approach that creature!-they fell in silence again.
The two just watched the nightfall...but, in the end, the evening ended the day...

Next morning, the king couldn't find her wife. He searched her everywhere, but she wasn't anywhere.
He could just wait for his Queen to return, yet little known that she arrived already to the lair of the mighty dragon Ækira.
Firstly, the dragon was groaning, grunting to Lynaria. She approached it with slow and small steps. Then, dragon began to rawr at her, showing Lynaria its anger. but seeing that she didn't move, didn't had any fear, it just looked at her for a few moments. It began to approach to her slowly. Lynaria did only a gentle touch, and tamed the mighty dragon, Ækira.

But suddenly, the king came with a few soldiers escorting him:

-Attack the beast!-cried the king. As Lynaria saw the soldiers rushing to the dragon with the spears, she sacrificed herself. She rash before the dragon, and let the spears piercing her body.
Her husband couldn't do anything than cry for his wife...

But it wasn't too late...the royal medic has take care of her.
Lynaria woke up in the bed, with the medic near her, trying to heal her wounds.

In a few days she was cured. The queen told everything her king.
She told what actually happened when she was in the lair of the dragon. She told him that she succeed in taming the beast.

The dragon wasn't a problem anymore for their kingdom. It didn't hurt anybody, and nobody hurt it.
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