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I wrote this for my English class. It's loosely based off of a real life experience I had.
Once upon a time long ago, a village full of supernatural creatures and other monsters lived in what is now modern day England. These creatures varied from werewolves to ghosts. There was no ordinary person here, for they all had their own special look and power. There was no such thing as normal. Normal was for the weak, and these creatures definitely strayed far from that. They all enjoyed being different, and the village seemed like a peaceful place.
However, that was not the case… A sorceress named Kormina lived here. She was a beautiful person who could befriend anyone. Perhaps everyone wanted to be her friend because of her beauty and charm. They always waved and smiled at her whenever she was near.
Kormina was a platinum blonde with pale blue eyes. She had a smile that could stop a train in its tracks. And her laugh! Her laugh was soft but sounded like diamonds.
But that was just her outside.
Her inside was a troll who came out whenever one of her friends had their back turned. She loved gossiping and trash talking everyone. She even talked about her own parents who had been banished from the village years ago.
Kormina’s parents were good people. Kormina had attempted to rob the village’s bank by putting a spell on the teller, but instead, she was caught. Her parents couldn’t bear for their only child to be exiled, so they confessed to the crime and left.
Since then, Kormina put together a clique consisting of Drel, a mummy who was her minion, and Melanie, a gray ogre. The trio laughed together and walked the village, gossiping about everything. Drel was the youngest of them, and he followed Kormina around constantly. Most villagers couldn’t even remember a time where they hadn’t seen the two together. Melanie, on the other hand, was just a bit younger than Kormina. This unlikely trio would be the cause of all chaos within the village.
So, who did the banishments? That would be Queen Abbott. She looked like a normal human being but was far from it. She controlled the elements. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if she got the position as Queen because the other villagers were scared of her powers. But she wass an extremely kind person despite her intimidating powers. She has one of the biggest hearts in the whole village. And as for King, there was none. Queen Abbot believed in a dictator-like government.
Also on the royal court was Stramula. She was the jester, and the Queen just adored her! Stramula was a little dorky, but she was the second sweetest person in the village next to the Queen herself.
Among the many creatures, there was a vampire who was on a strict policy of only feeding on people from other lands that were criminals and bad citizens. This vampire was the only one of her kind in the village, for many places didn’t want vampires among them. Her name was Celeste, and she was average looking. She had long, auburn hair that went down past her waist with silver, piercing eyes. Not many people wanted to mess with Celeste because of her intimidating looks, but those who did know her could never say a negative thing about her.
Celeste had a quite a few close friends, but none could compare to her relationship with Maximus. Oddly, he was a werewolf, but they had grown up together and were an odd duo. That’s what made their friendship work. They were supposed to be enemies but were destined to be very close. They saw each other every day.
One might wonder what a typical day in the village was like. Well, there was farming and water fetching and hunting. There were also seamstresses and bakers. But those were just typical jobs around the village. Everyone was extremely functional, putting their special differences to good use. The problem in the village was the gossip…
“Mel, have you seen what the Queen ordered Stramula to wear?” Kormina asked Melanie. And of course, Drel was by Kormina’s side.
“Yes! It couldn’t be any worse. How can she walk around like that?” Melanie responded.
“She should not leave the Queen’s side.” Drel interjected.
Suddenly, Stramula appeared, clearly loving her new look. “Hello.” Stramula said, smiling. She had always adored Kormina. They were the same age, and their mother’s had been best friends for all of their lives.
“Why, hello, Stramula!” Kormina said with her traffic stopping smile glued to her face. “I just love this new attire the Queen had specially made for you.”
“Thank you, Kormina!” Stramula smiled and walked away to go do her day’s chores.
“What a joke.” Drel mumbled after Stramula was out of ear shot.
And later that same day, Kormina had ditched Drel and was in the town square with Melanie. It was a very quiet afternoon, so they were free to talk however they’d like.
“Stramula is so ridiculous. In what world could she be friends with people like us? She’s a jester!” Melanie bursted out.
“She’s so stupid. There’s a reason why her mother sent her off to be a jester.” Kormina replied, sitting at the fountain in the middle of the town square.
“Hey, now, Stramula has a very tough job.” Celeste said from behind the pair.
“Gosh, Celeste, butt out!” Kormina almost screamed.
“Yes, butt out!” Melanie agreed.
“Well, I’m sorry you’re right in front of me, talking about one of my close friends. Oh, wait, isn’t Stramula supposed to be your best friend? Aren’t you two the tightest whenever Stramula’s face is towards you?” Celeste calmly replied. Kormina was quiet. “That’s what I thought.” Celeste shaked her head and walks off.
Celeste had always known about Kormina’s evil ways, but no one really believed it because of the amazing person Kormina acted like.
The next day, Celeste was casually walking by Kormina and a group she’s ‘friends’ with. She overheard Kormina whispering about what Celeste had said after catching her and Melanie in the act. Kormina was surrounded by her usual two followers and two others. The two others were Trevelyn, a ghost, and Aroline, an overweight dragon.
“Seriously? You could have held your tongue until I was out of ear shot.” Celeste muttered.
“I really don’t care.” Kormina sassily replied.
‘It’s official’, Celeste thought. ‘This is full on war. I can’t deal with this and perfectly nice people shouldn’t have their names trashed this much.’
Later that day, Celeste was casually lounging by a pond on the outskirts of town. Kormina was on her way to her house, passing the pond.
“Bye, Celeste.” Kormina cheerfully said like nothing was wrong and the world was peachy and happy.
“Never speak to me again.” Celeste muttered just as Xanderina, another friend of Kormina walked down the road, coming towards them. Xanderina was a witch as well, but she had good intentions and was a legitimately nice person.
Kormina swaggered over to Xanderina, whispering about what Celeste had just said. Of course it was obvious to Celeste because of the way Kormina’s eyes flickered from Celeste to Xanderina. “Kormina, this again? Seriously?” Celeste almost screamed.
“I don’t understand why you have a problem with me.” Kormina started going on and on, acting like a victim.
“I have a problem with you because you act like everyone’s best friend, and as soon as they turn around, you say terrible, horrible, vile things about them.” Celeste could feel herself shaking with fury.
“Like I’m the only one that trash talks you.” Kormina snapped.
“Well, at least those people don’t do it right in front of my face like I’m an idiot who can’t comprehend what is going on.” Celeste angrily replied. She took a deep breath. “I see right through you, Kormina.”
“Whatever.” Kormina shaked her head and continued home.
Celeste suddenly realized that Xanderina was still standing there. She looked shocked. “Oh, I’m sorry, Xanderina.” And Celeste really was.
“How could she be like that? That’s awful!” Xanderina was already tearing up.
“Xanderi-” Celeste was cut off by Xanderina running off towards the village.
The next morning, things were quiet in the village. Too quiet. Celeste casually wandered into the town square where there were usually people chatting and trading. She saw Maximus. “Max, what happened? It’s so quiet. Did I miss something?” Celeste asked.
“The cat is out of the bag.” Maximus answered. Celeste looked confused. “Last night, Xanderina came in from the outskirts of town, claming Kormina had done terrible things. Then, people started talking. Then yelling. Then fighting. No one is talking to anyone.” He explained.
“What did Xanderina say?” Celeste asked, impatiently.
“She told how Kormina was two faced and acted like everyone’s friend. People talk. They soon realized it was true.” He said.
The bells from Queen Abbot’s castle started going off. That was never a good sign.
Everyone in the village joined in a quiet crowd in town square. No one was talking to anyone. They had all been hurt by Kormina.
Queen Abbot walked to the podium set in front of the big fountain. “When I heard this village couldn’t even look at each other, I couldn’t comprehend it. This place has always been very nice and friendly.” Stramula took her side. “I have come to realize that my decision of exiling the parents of Kormina was the wrong decision. I could have prevented all this pain for my dear villagers. But instead, I kept the problem around.” Kormina, Drel, and Melanie become visible. They are all in handcuffs, being escorted by the Queen’s Gremlin guards. “I have decided to banish Kormina along with Drel and Melanie. I’m sorry you three, but I can’t have a village this unhappy. It’s just not good for anyone.” She explained.
“Wait, you can’t banish me! I was just her friend!” Drel yelled out.
“But you could have prevented this unfortunate incident.” The Queen sassily replied. “Guards, take them away. And you three never show your face here again. There will be consequences.” The Gremlins escorted them out to a wagon. As soon as the wagon was out of sight, the Queen continued on. “I am so sorry for this incident. I hope all peace is restored.”
And it was. Within a few days, everyone was happy again. The villagers worked and chatted and enjoyed life again. The negative energy had been removed, and everyone felt as if they could breathe again after realizing they were holding their breath the whole time.

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