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A Poem by my Dearest Friend, with Counterpoint by Me!
I would sing a song for you, that you would hear the sound,
of two souls in perfect harmony
I would dance with you, across the barren plains,
that you would know the steps that friendship takes

Our footsteps would sow the seeds
terraforming, spreading life in the void

I would read to you a story, a tale of wonder told,
with such vivid euphony
I would gaze into your eyes, that you would see in mine,
the moment trust awakes

She reads from books thought lost to the ages.

The prophesied night of a thousand years
the funeral of the sun
forgotten at the end of the eclipse

I would journey far and wide, to have you by my side,
that you would understand
I would build a bridge, and beckon you to cross,
that we would close the distant miles

Yet the gulf bridges itself, the merest crack
And the parsecs between us, a millimeter.
"never and always," never meeting,
though never out of reach
in the place-beyond-time
where words speak their harmony.

I would reach out to you, that you would feel the touch,
of friendship's open hand
I would wipe your tears from you, that you would know that I,
have come to stay awhile

the tears so sweet, already washed away so much

I would take your pain from you, that you would be released,
from all that broke your heart
I would pray for you, that you would come to know,
the depths to which I care

Yet how strange, sent to answer
the prayer forming in her heart

I would never let you go, so that you would know,
we would never be apart
I would have my dear friend feel, that all of which I speak,
is all that we will share

Now we form the golden cord
that bridges time and space
more profound than that
between body and soul

by: groovygirl
by Joto-Kai
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