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As always -- my soul speaks my truths to me -- in rhyme...
Finding Me...

I can't recollect the last time I've seen me;
The heart break - rough endings make life hard to see.
The statutes that mark who I was - who I am;
Somehow interweave into life's acrid plan.
In pity I sink,
Lost passion - I shrink;
I sit on a precipice - ripe on the brink.

My fervor, my zeal - my excitement for life;
Now sullied, deflated - no more deemed a 'wife'.
A newer reflection stares back in my face,
There's no recognition within this new space.
Where is it I've gone?
Why can't I move on?
Why do I stray inward - alone and withdrawn?

How do I fit into this new state of being?
How long before viewpoints innately sound freeing?
I wallow in silence - it screams from inside...
The damage still rages as I seek my pride.
In stillness I pray
I'll fight for the day
I see myself in a less cynical way.

Life's goals now elude me - they're hidden within.
My memories haunt me - I see where I've been.
As age creeps upon me - somehow I must find
A way to repurpose this soul - so maligned.
But where do I start?
I can't find a chart
That shows how to fix a mistreated old heart.

And thus, here I am - all alone - save for Thee;
My Constant Redeemer - as always - near me.
My lasting reminder I still have a chance
To break free my chains and embrace in life's dance.
On verge of despair
With this solemn prayer
I pray - give me strength as I go back to square...
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