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This is a poem about how quickly technology becomes obsolete, yet we keep buying it!
I bought the sleekest, fastest phone
That ever was designed
With blazing speed and new ring tones.
Display? Best of its kind!

But two years passed, and as they went,
My apps all seemed to grow.
For all the money that I spent
My phone was running slow!

And so I drove back to the store
To find a better phone
A thing I'd never seen before
Not just some newer clone.

And there it was, at least I thought:
The best phone one could buy!
Before I knew it, I had bought
The phone that wouldn't die.

But I was wrong, for sure enough
Within a little time,
This phone no longer had the stuff
It wasn't worth a dime.

So what am I supposed to do
With this outmoded trash?
Am I forever destined to
Lay down my hard-earned cash?

These so-called smart phones aren't so smart
I think that much I see.
But being smart is relative
The phones outsmarted me.
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