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Home bound education is necessary when a child has special needs

When Is Homebound Education Necessary

Home bound curriculum for special education allows students who are unable to attend school to go through a self-study program that will enable them to maintain the progress required to keep up with their peers who go to school. In such a program that is available in most states, the homebound teacher carries the curriculum from the school so that the student can continue with their studies which can be assessed by the classroom teacher so that progress is continuous.

Enrolling for such a program requires the student to be enrolled in a public school. The district or the state then assumes the responsibility of providing all the textbooks and other material, providing instruction and assignments, and enabling the student to be graded similar to other normal school attending children. The requirement for the student to remain homebound has to be certified by the physician attending the child or the hospital where he or she has been admitted for treatment. Students not enrolled in public schools have to arrange for the same facilities directly from the school they are enrolled in and the state then has no responsibilities.

Home Bound Curriculum for Special Education

Home bound education needs a proper informational packet to be sent to the student which will enable the student to continue with studies just as if they are attending school. This means that the curriculum to be followed is the same as for the particular grade the student is in with only changes being made in assignments or tests required to be modified in the case the student is handicapped to perform these in the normal way.

Even in such cases the teacher has to think of alternative assignments that can be completed by the student, with more time being given if necessary. Classroom teachers have to ensure that all lessons, textbooks, assignments and other material is sent to the homebound student, and exams and tests given just as to other students. The teacher providing the instruction to the home bound student has to ensure the minimum amount of instruction time as specified is given to the student and also help to coordinate with the class teacher to see that all assignments, exams and tests are carried out. Specialized subjects may need video or audio assistance and this also has to be arranged.

Home bound teachers have to also coordinate with the parents, the doctors and hospital authorities to ensure the minimum instruction time is available and make mutually agreed changes in schedules so that the student maintains the required progress. It has been found beneficial when adults from the child’s family are present while the instruction is being given. Finally, it is important to note that students going through homebound education programs are considered as being present in the school for purposes of any attendance requirements.
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